Christmas decorating in the kitchen starting with the countertops

Today I am joining Terrie and Tammy as we decorate our countertops in our kitchens. I don’t put much on my counters it is more of what I hang above them on the diy peg rail I did. Just simple things like swapping out the towels I have hanging on them for Christmas ones. AndContinue reading “Christmas decorating in the kitchen starting with the countertops”

My Christmas Inspiration Ideas

I know some of you may not like me doing this post so early. But I love having my Christmas decorations up for Thanksgiving, my grandchildren love it. And I love bringing smiles to their faces. My friends, Terrie and Tammy are joining me today as we share our Christmas inspiration. This year I receivedContinue reading “My Christmas Inspiration Ideas”

Christmas 2020 Home Tour Part 1

Are you all done with your Christmas decorating? I think I am and then I start rearranging again, I may have a slight problem. I think it is ocd in the decor area. You may have to send help! This is my Dining room. My favorite room in the house to decorate. I have aContinue reading “Christmas 2020 Home Tour Part 1”

The reason I decorate for Christmas early.

My first tree is up! I know it’s early for some of you. But when your an influencer and need to make posts at a certain time it speeds up the process. I honestly enjoy Decorating early because after Thanksgiving I get to just enjoy all the traditions as a family we do. And itContinue reading “The reason I decorate for Christmas early.”

DIY Christmas Challenge

I am joining some other amazing bloggers for a Christmas challenge. This month the theme is Christmas and has to be with only things you already have on hand. First of all thank you to Terrie from She sets these challenges up every month and gets our minds rolling with ideas. If your followingContinue reading “DIY Christmas Challenge”