Rustic Autumn Hutch and Decorating in the Kitchen

It’s here the last day for our Fall series in the kitchen with my friends. Did that sound like a kids song or what? Today Terrie with and Tammy are finishing decorating our kitchens for Fall or Autumn, which do you call it? In the north here we call it Fall. Okay I’mContinue reading “Rustic Autumn Hutch and Decorating in the Kitchen”

How to make a Fall Centerpiece

Today my friends Terrie from and Tammy from are making some centerpieces for our kitchen tables and or kitchen island. I showed you how I made this chunky yarn pumpkin the other day. As promised I wanted to show you how to create a centerpiece with it. You can find that here andContinue reading “How to make a Fall Centerpiece”

How to Make a Yarn Pumpkin

As you know My friends Terrie and Tammy and I are doing a Fall home series. This week is the kitchen. This craft I am showing you today is going to be going in my kitchen somewhere. That place, I will show on Thursday. and how I decorated that area of my kitchen. You canContinue reading “How to Make a Yarn Pumpkin”

Do I need more Pumpkins?

I have been battling Vertigo for a few days. I tell you what It could put a damper on my life. So any prayers would be greatly appreciated. That being said, I did manage to go through my pumpkins and I realize I need a little pumpkin refresh! Shhhh don’t tell my hubby, he isContinue reading “Do I need more Pumpkins?”

Three of the most Important Fall Porch Items I Use.

It is that time of year! We need to get the farmhouse ready for the Fall season. Let’s get this porch decorated for Fall! I have a Fall tour coming up and needed to get started getting things done for the season. Plus with canning season is coming up too and the older I getContinue reading “Three of the most Important Fall Porch Items I Use.”

Quick and Pretty Diy

I’ve been wanting to do this diy for a while now. Why did it take me so long? I have no idea! So easy it’s embarrassing. Literally you just need four things. These flowers will not die and they will stay looking pretty for as long as you want to display them in your home.Continue reading “Quick and Pretty Diy”