Christmas 2020 Home Tour Part 1

Are you all done with your Christmas decorating? I think I am and then I start rearranging again, I may have a slight problem. I think it is ocd in the decor area. You may have to send help!

This is my Dining room. My favorite room in the house to decorate. I have a lot of sweat and tears put into this room. It had seven yes, seven layers of wallpaper on it. When I finally got all of that off it was down to gold marble laminate. Who knew then that it would become my favorite area.

DIY Faux Fireplace

You can see I use a lot of thrifted and vintage items in my decor for holidays and and everyday. I kept my dried Pee gee Hydrangeas out as part of my Christmas decorating this year too. You can see more of them here.

Two Easy Christmas Crafts From Dollar Store Items

I am always looking for some little gifts I can give to neighbors or friends and family. These two ideas have been given out and everybody loves them.

You start with a large plastic candy cane. I got mine at the dollar store.

Then I chose my fabric, I went with some red ticking fabric. You could choose whatever goes with your decor style.

Rip the fabric in about two inch strips and as long as you want.

Then hot glue the end on the tip of the candy cane and then just wrap the whole cane.

Make sure and pull tightly and glue periodically. Decorate as you like. I used some muslin fabric and rusty jingle bells and berries.

Next project

Snowman drink mixers

You just need these stir sticks. I got mine at a craft store. The snowman jingle bells I got at the dollar store. Can you tell I love the dollar store.

This one is so simple just hot glue the snowman head to the top of the stir sticks. And Wala it’s done.

I do tie a small piece of ribbon unto the stick just below Mr. Snowman.

Here they are ready to gift.

Hope this helped you get started on some Christmas gifts or decor for you.

Thanksgiving Tablescapes

I can’t believe it’s Thanksgiving week already.

I have been knee deep in Christmas decorating, seriously it looked like Christmas threw up in my house.

Everything is put away now. And this is when I concentrate on my Thanksgiving table.

This year I wanted to use items from nature and I’ll be doing the same for Christmas.

That’s where my garden comes in. I was able to dry mini Indian corn, like what I used in my diy Indian corn wreath

I have used the corn husks in this tablescape as part of the centerpiece. Just put a few in a soup tureen. I also used them to scatter around the table in this tablescape below.

For both tables I used thrifted dishes and glassware. And used a leaf garland for down the middle of each table. You can easily make your own garland with some pretty pressed leaves.

Hope this helped get you started creating your own tablescape. I know Thanksgiving is different this year for some of us, but let’s remember we always have something to be thankful for.

And I am thankful for you! Every sweet comment makes my day. Thank you for taking the time to read my little blog and have a wonderful Thanksgiving ūüíó

The reason I decorate for Christmas early.

My first tree is up! I know it’s early for some of you. But when your an influencer and need to make posts at a certain time it speeds up the process.

I honestly enjoy Decorating early because after Thanksgiving I get to just enjoy all the traditions as a family we do.

And it takes me three weeks to decorate inside and out. I am taking my time this year and trying to be more intentional with my decor. Which has made me enjoy the process more.

Instead of rushing to get it done I’m having fun at it! If I start to get tired and find myself throwing something together I stop and think on it overnight or even a couple of days.

So if your wondering if it’s too early, do what makes you enjoy it best. This year more than ever we need to enjoy these little things.

The Lord has definitely put that on my heart through all this turmoil this year.

So are you an early decorator or after Thanksgiving kind?

DIY Christmas Challenge

I am joining some other amazing bloggers for a Christmas challenge. This month the theme is Christmas and has to be with only things you already have on hand.

First of all thank you to Terrie from

She sets these challenges up every month and gets our minds rolling with ideas. If your following along you’ve been by Carol’s at

About Carol

Wasn’t her ideas so cute? Now I’m going to share mine.

I knew I wanted to make a banner for my porch this year. But I wanted something that could hold up to our winds here. It gets crazy windy at times where we live.

I had these three metal tags I had gotten a while back from Hobby Lobby. I decided to spell out joy on them mainly because it’s the only three letter Christmas word I could think of.

I painted them with three coats of chalk paint front and back because this will be seen from both sides.

I stenciled the letter on but you could easily use alphabet stickers instead.

Then I sanded the edges to get some of the paint chipped off.

I used brown paint on the spots I chipped off to make it appear like it was rusty in spots.

Then I attached roping I had across the tops of all three tags to form a banner.

Here are all the other fun diy challenges below. I’m sure your going to find some great inspiration.

Easy DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

My last Fall diy coming at ya!

I joined some sweet ladies on Instagram to do a candy bowl challenge. It was do fun to come up with something creative and useful.

I usually don’t decorate for Halloween, we are empty nesters and live in the middle of nowhere so trick or treaters do not come here.

That being said it was extra fun to do this! I used an orange pumpkin pail I got for a dollar at Walmart.

I put three coats of paint on the outside and just brushed the inside with a quick coat of black.

I took the handle off and added a piece of wire for the handle, but first I had some beads left over from a garland I had. I added them to the wire for a beaded handle.

I added splotches of black paint around edges and by face to resemble enamelware.

Please check out all of the other creative ladies containers over on my Instagram.

Diy Indian Corn Wreath and a Blessing

Another Fall wreath diy coming at ya!

This was so simple. I had tons of mini Indian corn from our garden.

This was our first year growing it so we didn’t know what to expect. The stalks are so pretty from this corn also they have a purple stem

I just took the ears of corn and used my handy dandy hot glue gun.

I glued the ears around on a wreath form I had. I wrapped the form in muslin so the green wouldn’t show through.

I just kept gluing until it was covered and full.

And now my unexpected blessing last week. My little account was featured in a small space in Country Sampler Farmhouse Style magazine!! Cue my happy dance here!! I am so honored and excited!!!

So excited!

Have a wonderful weekend sweet people!

DIY Faux Enamelware      Pumpkin Garland

Mini Pumpkins

I am joining some other talented ladies for a pumpkin diy blog hop this month that Terrie at decorate and more with Tip put together.. If your here you probably came from Liberty’s B4 and Afters blog. Wasn’t her decorated kitchen beautiful?

After much thought I decided to make a garland and took a trip to the dollar store.  I found these packages of small pumpkin treat containers. I purchased two packages so I would have enough for a nice garland length.

First I took the handles off all of them.

I decided to use chalk paint, I use the Chalk Mountain chalk paint that covers nicely.

It took three coats of paint to cover that green neon.

I did paint the insides also because that green shows through trust me.  I then added splashes of black around the edges and in areas to resemble enamelware.

I hot glued jute on to resemble the handles and to form the banner length.

This was such a fun challenge. These ladies below are all so talented I feel honored to be joining them. Next up is Tammy Patina and Paint

Terrie –¬†https://decorateandmorewithtip.com

Jodi –

Cindy –

Tammy – ‚Äé

Caurol -Https://

Christine –

Michelle – Blessings by Me

Welcome to My Fall Porch

My ombre pumpkin pile

All of my pumpkins came from our own pumpkin patch this year!!! Can you tell I’m excited! I’m doing a happy dance and so is the hubby. Especially after I added up how much money I saved in buying pumpkins this year.

And after I am done with them they will make great snacks for the chickens.

My diy lanterns

He’s watching me lol
Some whimsy

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my porch!

Thank you so much friend for visiting this little blog. I love when you leave me a comment and have a beautiful day sweet friend ‚̧ԳŹ

DIY Lanterns for the Porch

I have been wanting a couple of wooden lanterns for my porch for a while now.

Ombre pumpkin pile

I decided to diy some. The ones I liked in the store seemed simple in design and when I showed the hubby he said “you could diy them yourself you know” nothing like a hubby who has faith in you.

I did let him know I would need his help lol.

Boards cut

We always have extra pieces of wood laying around, I could be known as a wood hoarder, depending on who you talk to!

So I figured out the sizes I wanted. And then cut my pieces out. And then we (and by we I mean the hubby) nailed them together with his nail gun. I’m still scared of that thing! One of these days I’ll get brave.

I wanted more layers so I cut some smaller pieces to layer on top. Then I found some finials I had picked up at a yard sale and added them to the top.

Finally I stained everything. For now there is a white pumpkin inside each. I am waiting on some battery operated flameless candles to put inside.

You can see exact details and measurements on my hometalk page. I’ll attach the link below.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope I inspired you to try and remake something you have seen in a store you wanted. Please let me know if you do! I’m cheering for you!