Bathroom Refresh on a Budget

Hi there friends. Today I’m showing my bathroom refresh. When we bought this fixer upper the bathroom was the first room we wanted to renovate. We were living in an RV but let’s face it the bathrooms in those are not very big.

Here is the before photo. We had a ceiling to tear down and burgandy carpet to remove.

We painted first after demo and put in a bead board ceiling. There was so much that needed done in other rooms we wanted to get this one livable and clean. Time to make it more my style would have to wait.

And I’m glad I waited. I needed to find my style, what makes me happy. I am more cottage farmhousestyle I think lol.

So I started searching for a neutral cottagstyle wallpaper for a good price. Wallpaper Direct had just the right one and at an incredible price.

I had some bead board wallpaper left over from another project so I out that on the opposite walls. It’s heavier and hide all the marks in the walls that we couldn’t get out.

I then took a 1×4 and added hooks I had. To hold some towels and decor. Everyone needs a watering can hanging in their bathroom don’t they?

I added some warm wood tones and some greens.

Then I picked up some prints half off at Hobby Lobby that I had been admiring.

It is now my style, I smile every time I pass this room now. Moral of the story, it doesn’t take much to make your style your own.

Shop your home, move things around. Make your home make you smile.

My Love Hate Relationship with Gardening

Do you have some old picture frames laying around?

Today I’m going to show you how I have used some vintage picture frames I’ve had.

I pick frames up for super cheap at yard sales and flea markets all the time. There are so many uses for them.

Layering old frames is my favorite.

They can add so much dimension to a ledge or shelf.

Here I used a large frame to display a collection of ironstone.

I’m using this vintage frame to surround my diy wall letter board. You can see more here

As you can tell layering them is my favorite.  Let me know if you try any of these ideas I would love to see.

Making a diy wall letter board

I have gotten some questions on how easy wall letter board was to make. Let me tell ya it is super easy!

I wanted to do this cheaply and knew I had some lath boards left over from a previous project.

I figured out my quote I wanted to do with my letters. Size of my letters are are 2″. And according to my size of the wall I wanted to use.

My Supplies

I cut my boards to size times two for each line of the quote. I then painted the boards.

The boards glued and letters slid in

Glued the boards together just at the bottom so there is a slit in the top for the letters.


To hang it on the wall I knew I have a habit of changing my decor so I didn’t want it permanent. So I used two small nails for each board and then just leaned the boards against the wall.

I added some silk eucalyptus I had ordered from Amazon to frame it somewhat.

If you do one, tag me so I can see. Trust me if I can do it you can too!

Adding flowers to our Farmhouse porch

You guys the weather in Michigan has been perfect, so excited to start adding some real live flowers to my porch!!! Que happy dance here!
As you know I love vintage items for my planters plus I change so much that it is a way cheaper way for me to go. Most of my planters came from yard sales and none over $3. Yes I’m cheap!

I got some lavender!!

They are going in some planters on the deck and one will be on my porch area. Lavender will come back every year so I don’t mind paying a little more for them.

I put my vintage chair out on the porch and added some vintage garden items and clay pots on them.

I added some silk flowers to my little window box here by the door and a peach zonal geranium on my metal table.

On the steps I used old galvanized pails as planters.  I have dappled red geraniums and pink gypsophila in them.

Hope this gave you some planting ideas for your Summer planters.

Fresh blooms and a prayer

More lilacs! I can’t help myself lilacs are everywhere in this house. And I am blessed because one of the the previous owners had planted 6 different varieties that bloom after each other.

DIY planter box

When we first bought this house this porch was in bad condition. A huge tree was overhanging it.

We needed to get the basics done our first year (which was last year) so I took some time this winter to think about a railing. My hubby came up with the idea of putting a planter here instead. So thankful for his good ideas!

So the hubby went to our local lumber yard and got the supplies.


Today I am sharing with you five items I have repurposed into flower containers to help decorate my beds.

First is old galvanized pails.  I love using these.  I just drilled holes in the bottom for drainage and they are ready for your soil and flowers.
Can you tell which is the real chicken.  That girl is always by my side.

Next is baskets here I put my fern in a wicker waste basket I found at Goodwill. I kept it in the plastic pot it came in and just plopped it in.  I’m so technical I know lolOne of my favorites is birdcages, vintage or new.  When you put a plant in them they just look magical I think.  How about you?I’m using an old vintage tea pot my grandson dug out of a junk pile for s planter here.  As you can tell we are just starting to get grass here.Last is an old pulley I used to hang some pails from.  I just strung the rope around the pulley and tied it to the pails. I hope this post helped you think outside of the box or planter in this case lol.  Let me know if you try any repurposing for flower planters this year.As always thank you for stopping by it means the world to me.

Hi, I’m Corine



Hi there,

I’m so happy you have stopped by.  This is my very first post. This is me and my side kick Cloie.  If you follow me on Instagram you know she is in almost every pic.

My style is farmhouse/cottage style with some fleamarket style thrown in.  I rarely buy new my passion is vintage items.  When I see something old I always wonder what it’s story is.  Am I weird?  I will be sharing diy’s on here along with some repurposing of items another one of my passions.


In this photo is a reclaimed architectural piece I made into a shelf.