Gallery Walls

Have you done a gallery wall? Or are you one that wants to but just doesn’t know where to start.

I assure you I am no expert, I have no decorating degree I have just learned as I go.

I get questions al the time on how I did my mirror gallery wall. I had to hunt for those mirrors and I always get compliments on them. It took me two years to find enough to make a gallery wall. Yes i said two years am I patient no! but cheap I am and I just couldn’t pay what the antique stores wanted for them. So I stalked thrift stores and eventually had enough. But until then I did add three that I had found to my wall. All but one of these mirrors I literally dug fo,r they were at the bottom of a pile in a thrift store. The smallest one I could see just a hint of gold peeking out and I dug! Score!! I love the thrill of the hunt!

I started by anchoring them all with the largest mirror in the center bottom.

And then I just added to the sides with similar sized mirrors. After I had found the smallest, I added it as the cherry on the top.

Have you dug for any treasures lately? If you have I would love to hear about it in the comments?

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by! God Bless!

Two Last Minute Valentine Gift Ideas for Children

I always make my grandchildren candy bouquets for Valentines day. I’m going to show you how I do them today. In case you have some little cutie you would like to make one for.

When I choose the candy and extras for the bouquet I keep each childs age in mind. I’ll show you each one I do, the younger ones I try and add a little more of something other than the candy so as not to over sugar them lol. And the younger ones go into a container so they do not use the skewers as swords. Their parents will appreciate that.

I glued the big boxes of candy together, don’t worry it doesn’t hurt the candy, just use a little. Then hot glue or double tape the candies to skewers or small dowel rods would work too. I put a tye dyed scrunchy around the boxes after hot gluing them together, since it’s for my granddaughter. In the middle of the candy boxes I put some floral foam to hold the skewers. then just fill in the hole with some pretty tissue paper.

The next gift idea is just a dollar store basket filled with dollar store goodies.

One is for a girl and one for my grandson. They are both younger so I chose a little carefully as to not sugar overload them and then added some inexpensive toy items. My granddaughter loves stuffed animals and my grandson loves dinosaurs. It was so fun making these and I hope they bring a smile to my grandchildren.

I hope this gives you some ideas and lets you know you can do inexpensive gifts but make them look more valuable and fun for your loved ones..

One More Valentine DIY

Okay I might be overloading you with Valentines. But this one is so easy its unbelievable.

Wallpaper hearts:

Just take your wallpaper. I had some leftover from another project. Trace out your hearts and cut out.

Then just paste on, mine was pre pasted so I just put some warm water on them and applied. See I told you it was easy.

You could also use scrapbook paper or contact paper from the dollar store. here is a link to some contact paper that is similar to my wallpaper above.

Thank you for stopping by and God Bless!

Another Valentine DIY:

Yarn and pom pom garland

I’m sharing another valentine DIY with you today. This was so funI love anything with pom poms and I love to add anything that adds texture especially this time of year. Everything I used I already had on hand. I’m sorry except the garland from the dollar store.

First I took the garland from the store apart.

Take the letters off, and then I wrapped yarn around half of the hearts like these below:

The rest of the hearts I arranged pom poms all over. I outlined the hearts with the larger pom poms and filled in with the smaller ones.

Then I just hot glued the backs of the hearts to some jute.

I’m kind of obsessing over this. You could use whatever colors you like. It would be so pretty in pink and red. Let me know if you try making one!

God Bless!

Easy Valentine DIY

I am starting to finally get all of my Christmas decor down, i know, I know the end of January and I’m finally getting it done. Can any of you relate to this? Is it laziness or the lack of daylight her in Michigan this time of year? I’m not sure! But lets move on to Valentines lol

This is a super easy diy I did. Just take your heart shape, Mine was form the dollar store. I had leftover yarn form another project. You just start wrapping the yarn around the heart shape and wal la you have a cozy looking texture filled heart to display.

Thank you for stopping by! Be sure and let me know if your going to try this super easy DIY.

God Bless!

Simple and Easy Winter DIY

As you know I love adding in all the cozy for the Winter months. I’ll be adding in some Valentine decor soon too. But first the cozy!

This DIY is so easy and you have probably already done it, but just in case.

First you need a vase whatever size works for you. and an old sweater that no longer fits you. In my case I may or may not have gained a little weight over the holidays so I had a few that would work for this project :{. Or go to Goodwill and grab a cheap one.

Then cut off whatever section you want for the right amount of texture. Use some spray adhesive and simply wrap your section of knitted fabric aka sweater around the bottom half of the vase. I’m using mine as a candle holder. And I think I will be making a few more. Make sure and roll under the top and bottom of your piece.

These was so and simple! Now if losing the weight could be as easy!

Hope this gave you an easy inspo idea! As always thank you for stopping by!


Do you have goals for your home or yourself for 2021? I’ve been thinking about the word goals. I usually feel pressured to come up with a word of the year or a resolution. Which, if you know me at all I break resolutions before the month of January is done. And put under pressure I can never think of a word I think everyone else would think is a good one. I know crazy right? Im not a good on the spot thinker, never have been. You know when the teacher would call on you and your mind would go blank! That was me all the way!

But goals I think I can do! I love writing lists and crossing off during the day as I get them done. So yes goals I can do (I think). A list for myself is way too long to write. Lets just say the Lord is definitely busy working on me.

Here is my list of goals for my home and yard this year:

Stairway walls (I’m working with a wonderful company on this one, I cant wait to share).

Painting second floor doors. Right now they are bright blue as the first floor ones were when we bought our home.

Repainting and sealing our dining room floor.

Moving some flower gardens and making the yard easier to maintain. (still in the thinking process of this one).

Start more seeds inside this year. That seems to be the best way for my garden at this home.

Flower bed

How about you? Are you making goals or etc…?

As always thank you so much for stopping by!!!

My Simple Winter Mantel

Going from holiday decor to Winter:

Okay the holidays are done and at our house that means the house is a disaster. After the family all leaves we just basically pass out for 24 hours. For me that means I take a day or two and just relax, ignore the mess around me and binge watch something on tv and eat way too many dessert leftovers..

After we are rested up and back in our own minds again the clean up begins. First I take and put away anything that screams Christmas, anything red or shiny garlands or Christmas pillows.

For my mantel you can see I removed my nativity scene and added some diy winter trees. The trees are so easy to make. Just drill a hole in a log piece and stick in a evergreen pick or a piece of greenery from your yard. Easy peasy and inexpensive. After I had removed all Christmas looking decor I then add back in some Winter and some cozy factors:

Like throws and sweater pillows and always candles. I cant have enough candles in the Michigan long Winters. Anything that speaks warm and cozy to you, add in.

Rare Sunshine

Do you see little Cloie peeking at you? I hope this helps you get into the mood of changing your decor up for the coming months. Next up will be Valentines Day. I dont usually do a lot for that but I am trying to stretch beyond my normal for 2021. We will see if I can do it!

Thank you so much for stopping by it always makes me smile and is a big encouragement. Let me know if you have any ideas you would like to see for 2021.

Christmas Home Tour Part 2

You can see my full tour here on Living It Country YouTube channel. Holly is amazing and has so many gorgeous home tours on her channel. You will be entertained for hours.

My Bedroom

Again here I just used what I had minus a green velvet pillow cover and a green throw. they are very affordable and good quality.

We love our King Of Christmas tree this year. It looks so real and the lights are just perfect

A look from our Porch

Shew I’m all done with my decorating now on to baking and wrapping and planning the dinner etc… Thank you for stopping by! I love to read your comments and it truly is such a honor to know you have stopped by. Have a beautiful Christmas!!