Vintage Garden DIY

If you know me, you know I have an obsession with vintage garden tools. But they are very hard to find in my neck of the woods at least.

I have these vintage garden plant labels that was a rare find for me. So I decided it was time for me to try and replicate them.

We had some heavy gauge wire in the barn, i’m not sure on the gauge number because it was just some we had. I bent that to form the stake just like the vintage one I had. And I used some bake Polymer clay for the label. Similar to this one.

I rolled out the polymer clay with a rolling pin to 1/4″ thick. And then used the vintage label as the “cookie cutter”.

I tried several different ways, I poke holes in a couple and I just left some alone and baked them according to the package directions.

Then I painted them in an exterior craft paint in grey. I decided I like using the one without holes the best. My wire might have been to thin but it kept bending too much when I tried using the ones with holes. It might work better if you have heavier gauge wire.

Then I attached it using exterior Gorilla glue. I think it turned out cute! Let me know if you try it using heavier gauge wire, I would love to see.

Here are the links to similiar items I used.

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God Bless!

A Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s day is right around the corner, I believe it’s a little early this year, May 9th. I have some nice inexpensive gift ideas that any mom would love. Just click on the photo to get to the site.

This Chenille throw is so adorable and perfect for Spring and Summer. I ordered it for myself! Shh don’t tell anyone.

And if your mom is into the boho style this throw is perfect.

And these comfy cozy slippers, what mom does not like some slippers.

And this milk frother, I like that it is pretty but functional. My daughter has this one and loves it.

I hope I helped at least give you some ideas. Have a beautiful week and God Bless!


I wanted to get this post up before Easter but I got a terrible ear infection and was down for a couple of weeks.

I love doing a pretty tablescape for any occasion. I wanted a napkin ring that screamed Spring. These are so fun and easy to do.

Plant pots

Start with some of the biodegradable pots. I found these ones that have a little ridge around them. So they look like real clay pots.

They have a little hole on the bottom which makes it easy to hold onto when you paint them. I just used acrylic craft paint.

I painted them with just one coat of paint, I wanted them to look distressed. So it was a quick coat of white. Then I took scissors and cut the hole big enough to put the napkin through.

After that I used some brown moss and a small flower off from a faux silk branch I had. Just hot glue them to the front of the pot.

That is it! Let me know if you make some of your own.

Now if you don’t have the time to make your own, and would like to enter a giveaway to win a set of these napkin rings. 

I am doing a giveaway with  with Terrie from
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Entering is easy just follow each of our blogs and share my video on my Facebook page

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Easter Wishes!

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Reasons why I love Easter:

A time of renewal

Spring is on its way!

Chocolate bunnies (of course)

Green grass

Family time

But my favorite and dearest to my heart is knowing Jesus took all that pain for us just to give us everlasting life. And all we have to do is call on him, how amazing is that! Everlasting Love is what that is!! It truly overwhelms me.

So however you are celebrating this Easter, I hope you know you are truly loved!!!

God Bless!

Something that has Changed my Life!

When I find an incredible product I can’t help but share it with you all. And this organizer is amazing. It is not only super functional but pretty too.

I have tried making my own command center from some ideas I seen on Pinterest, It didn’t look so good. So when I found this I was blown away. I can hang the pails on it to hold all my paint brushes. No more searching everywhere because the jar fell over.

I cant tell you how efficient this has made my weeks. I now have my menu in one place, not a hundred. My to do’s are pinned to the corkboard and any appointments are written down for both of us to see. Can you tell I’m excited!

And guess what they are having a great sale!

Click on the photo to take you there.

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Happy Spring!

Yay!! Spring is officially here. It is supposed to be warmer this week with a lot of rain in Michigan. And then cold again. so there will still be projects to do inside. My first one is this Goodwill bench transformation.

I bought this bench from the thrift store that had little blue and white ducks across the top. I knew it had potential. I debated bleaching the wood but was afraid the ducks would not come out.

So I sanded it down real good and cleaned it with a degreaser. I could feel grime on it.

I painted it with milk paint I had received from Vintage Rose and Grace Etsy shop. I loved this paint it covered perfectly and sanded off in all the perfect areas I wanted it too. You can click on her name to take you to her shop. There are so many beautiful colors. I’ll definitely be using this again.

I then put an exterior poly on it because when it eventually gets nice her in Michigan I hope to set it out on my porch and put a plant on it. You can see another project here

Here is the before and after:

I couldn’t help but think this little bench is like me, God just keeps working on me daily as I continue to look up to Him for guidance, and working to transform me into what He needs me to be.

God Bless!

Five Exterior Planters I am Loving

Today I am Going to Share with you Five Planters I have Found for my Porch and Deck.

I know before long we will be outside planting all the flowers. Maybe your lucky enough to already be doing that. Here in Michigan we have a little bit to go yet but I want to be ready. These all look beautiful while serving a purpose and if you have prime shipping on Amazon that is even better! Still they are a great price for the product you are getting. Just click on the photos to see the product description.

Love this white one above both of these would be great for veggie planting too.

The one above would be great for my lettuce bed and is raised so it would be so much easier on my back.

I am thinking of getting two of the one above for by my porch steps.

And because I love a classic white.

I love these copper look a likes and they come in a set of two for a great price.

Now to make a decision!

Disclosure: I make a small amount if you buy from the provided links. Thank you so much for your support it means the world.

God Bless!

My DIY Vintage Mail Cubby

I’m not sure if that’s the right title. But I am going to call it that. I have wanted one of these cubby things for a long time. I have seen them at antique store but they are so expensive. Then I was going to buy one from Hobby Lobby. As I was considering it my hubby said “why don’t we just make one and then it will be real wood” he is so smart!

We bought 1×6 lumber and a sheet of 1/4″ luan. We cut the pieces to the size I wanted. Mine is 30″ 26″ after making the box we cut the middle pieces for the cubby tops and bottoms. We used the chop saw to make a cut into the middle boards so the luan pieces would slide right in. The top and bottom boards only need a cut into one side.

Above we added our trim pieces to the fronts of shelves to add a ledge. Then we cut luan into our slider pieces. We decided to sand and stain everything first before putting it all together. After that we used the nail gun to nail it all together. Then I added these gold metal drawer tabs.Just click on the photo to see more.

I hope you like this DIY! If you have any questions feel free to ask.

God Bless!

Are you ready for Spring?

I definitely am, It has been unusually warm here the last few days and I can’t get enough of it.

I am joining some other bloggers today on Wednesday the tenth to show you a craft I did on the tenth for ten dollars or under. This is something I love to decorate out for the different seasons. And I promise very easy to make.

I call it repurposed can planter, clever huh? 🙂 Not really but it is all I could come up with. I used a reclaimed piece of wood from our barn, You could use a new piece and paint or stain it. Whatever fits your style of decor. You can see it decorated a little differently here.

First if you have a hardwood board like I have you would want to pre drill holes where you need them.

Then drill a hole towards the top of your pails. I have used just regular tomato cans for this project before too and just painted them. Then screw your pails into your board. and decorate however you wish. I added Lambs Ear and a blush pink Peony I found at Walmart.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and if you make a version of it let me know. I would love to see it.

Here are the other bloggers joining:

Tammy – Patina & Paint

Patti – Pandora’s Box

Cindy – Cloches & Lavender

Terrie – Decorating & More With Tip

God Bless!

Seed Starting

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It is that time of year again. To start my plants inside for my garden. I l love doing this, that way I know what was put into the plants plus it just gives me joy!

My basic Necessities:

You can click on the photos and they will take you to the product.

In full disclosure these are affiliate links and I do make a little money if you buy from them. I do appreciate each purchase as it helps so much.

Grow Light

Seed starting mix

Covered container to plant in, this helps keep moisture in for those little seeds. These come in a pack of five, A good deal.

Heated mat, I haven’t always used one so this is whether you feel you need one. But it does help the seeds sprout faster, especially if you keep your heat low. Seeds love warm soil.

And of course your favorite seeds:

I planted these rainbow carrots last year and they were so easy to grow I don’t know why I hadn’t tried before. My favorite place to buy seeds is Baker Creek

And of course some plant markers, these are copper ones and I just thought they are pretty too. But you can always use popcicle sticks.

I hope this helps and encourages you to start some plants this year. I am definitely going to be planting more flowers from seeds. I spend way to much on the plants, which will make my hubby happier.

God Bless!