How I Repurposed a Crate into a Rustic Outdoor Table

I have been trying to jazz up the barn porch this year. It is a nice covered area to visit when friends or family come over. I am going with the rustic farmhouse look out here. Last year we made this bench from an old headboard and barn wood. Please remember this is a barn porch it is not new we are working with what we have to make it prettier.

Here is the crate it is a very large one and doesn’t have a top, so we decided that would be the bottom. I wanted to be able to move it around so my hubby found some caster wheels on something he was getting rid of.

I cleaned and sanded the crate as best as I could. Then we attached the four castor wheels to each corner of the box.

I did remove the straps on the inside of the crate. As soon as this Michigan weather allows I am going to put some exterior poly on it.

Now to make it pretty!

The barn cat Buttons decided he needed to be in the pics. And here he is loving on the table.

What do you think do you like it? Would you make one?

God Bless and thankyou for stopping by!

How I Made a Farmhouse Pulley and Bucket Planter

Today I am going to show you how I made a planter for my porch. It isn’t quite warm enough here in Michigan for real flowers to be out on my porch. So I wanted to come up with something to fill the space. I also had this old pulley which I knew I wanted to use for a repurpose of some sort.

Here is what I used an old pulley, pail, watering can and rope from the dollar store.

I doubled the rope around the pulley and figured out what length I wanted.

After I had the length figured out I cut the rope to that length and then I used some hot glue to keep the rope in place.

I cut one side of the rope shorter so the pieces wouldn’t hang even. You want one side shorter than the other. Then I double tied the rope around the handles of the watering can and pail.

I added some floral foam into the pail to hold the foliage in. Put it in real tight s o if the winds come up it will keep the greenery or flowers inside the pail. I cut my foliage to individual pieces to be able to place in the pail and I always find it stays in the containers better this way.

I like how it turned out! Now I can have a plant on my porch even if it frosts at night.

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And if your wondering how our animals are doing at Curly Willow Acres click here.

Next week hopefully I will be sharing with how my new raised bed area is coming along. I am using repurposed items for that too.

How I Made a Pallet Storage Area

I wanted to make something that would hold my small and medium garden tools plus my watering cans. I have a slight obsession with watering cans I love the old ones or unique shaped ones. I decided I would repurpose a part of a pallet. I only needed it to be slightly smaller that my garden tools for cutting and snipping. But I wanted it to look cute.

I cut the pallet down to size. this did require me to pull out some nails and a board behind. No small feat for a pallet. they have those things nailed on good!

I used an old picket fence board we had to nail to the bottom. I wanted it to overhang a little in the front. I want to drill holes in that ledge to put some S hooks in to hang my small garden tools. Like my small nippers and small antique shears.

This picture proves it doesn’t have to be new wood I use what we have around here most of the time. I love to repurpose all kinds of items. You can see something repurposed here for my garden.

After we cut the bottom board and nailed it on I painted it all white.

And then my creative mind took over lol. I couldn’t just leave it plain and so I decided to paint some garden words on it.

Then it was time to add the hooks. I will be sliding my garden tools inside the top. Because remember we added a bottom piece to hold them in. I wanted hooks to hold the watering cans.

Here it is all hung up. I really like it and it looks cute.

Thank you for stopping by!! And God Bless!

This Week at Curly Willow Acres

I realized I haven’t shown our animals to you lately. It is Spring here on our little farm as we like to call it. Time to plow the garden, start new plants inside and get started on yard work which is never ending. Since our home was abandoned for years we have had to tackle yard work a little each year. This year I have two beds I would like to clear out and get rid of. I’m sure in their prime they were probably beautiful. But since being left alone for years the burdocks and weeds took over most of the flower beds. When I find a flower that was planted I dig it up and move it to my new area along the barn. This bed below by June will be full of picky weeds so I am trying to tackle it now. In the picture we have already removed the massive grapevine trunk and trumpet flower trunks. They both took my hubby getting on the tractor and pulling them out.

There is probably at least a hundred rocks to pull out too. I have been doing that slowly. I am not sure what the poles were used for but the tree its leaning on is dead sadly. But there is a bird house on it the birds use so I told the hubby we have to leave that section for them.

I have started some tomatoes and pepper plants inside this year. Usually I do about 40 of each but I have a nice surplus of canned left over so I get to take it easy this year. Last year the garden bugs were so bad for everything that we are letting the garden area rest except for pumpkins, several varieties, Indian corn, potatoes and sunflowers. You can see last years pumpkin harvest here.

Everything else will be in a new raised bed area I am doing. I am repurposing items to use and making a couple of new cedar beds. I am hoping to make this a cute and relaxing area for me.

Now for the animals Tucker our mini horse is loving being able to graze outside again.

My girls, I love my chickens my old girls are so sweet! My three new ones are getting used to me still.

They come running when I call them.

This is Lavey, she is a sweetheart loves to be held.

They are loving fresh dirt for the dirt baths lol.

Bella our Mini Rex bunny. She is waiting patiently for us to get her run made so she can be outside of the barn.

And of course the barn cats have to make their appearance.

Buttons are resident mouser, I think she does all of the work.

And Rascal who lives up to his name and is spoiled rotten as you can tell.

I think I have gotten you up to date on what ahs been happening her. I am trying to show more of behind the scenes here not just what you see on Instagram.

Spring and Easter Farmhouse Tour

Today I am joining my friends Tammy and Terrie to show you our homes decorated for Easter.

You can see my video of my home tour here on my Facebook page.

When you step up on the porch you see my cute truck I got at Sam’s Club and my diy wreath. Then you step into the kitchen.

I have repainted the walls in the same color but when we moved in the paint job was a fast one. It needed a fresh new coat of paint. I restyled my shelves for Spring adding in a few bunny elements here and there.

Next is the dining room, here I just decorated the mantel for Easter and hung some garden items up on my rack.

Next is the living room. I added floral elements in here for Spring and Summer. I brought out my vintage rose prints and made a new wreath for my small vintage door.

Lots of plants and faux greenery and some bunnies for Easter here and there.

That’s it for my home tour I hop (get it?) you enjoyed it? Thank you for stopping by!

Up next is my incredibly talented friends,

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Chocolate Cream and Meringue Pie

I have to say for the Holidays I am all about the desserts. For Easter as you know I ma trying to find some desserts to make that everyone will love. This pie has a homemade pudding and pie filling and a meringue on the top. It is so good. I do believe though when I make it for the actual Easter holiday I am going to change the crust up to a graham cracker crust. My hubby that he would like that better. but for me I liked both. The pudding is not so rich just creamy and good tasting. You could easily do just whipped cream on top instead of the meringue.

Chocolate Meringue Pie

Course Dessert
Servings 8 people


  • 1/2 Cup Cocoa powder
  • 1/4 Cup Cornstarch
  • 3 Egg yolks
  • 1 Cup Sugar
  • 1/4 t Salt
  • 2 Cups Whole milk
  • 1 1/2 t Vanilla
  • 1 Prebaked pie shell


  • 4 Egg whites
  • 1/4 t Cream of tarter
  • 1/4 Cup Sugar


  • Add your sugar, salt, cocoa powder and corn starch to a medium sauce pan.
    Beat your eggs a little and add them to the mixture.
    Start your heat on medium heat and start adding in your milk while whisking.
    Cook until thickened, stirring constantly.
    When thickened take off the heat and add vanilla, stir well.
    Add to your prebaked pie shell
  • For the Meringue
  • Whip your egg whites until almost a peak forms
    Add in the cream of tarter and whip a little
    Add in sugar and whip until glossy and a peak forms
    Top the pie with the meringue
    Put under broiler about 5 inches from flame or use a kitchen torch to brown


You can use a store bought crust or homemade.  This tastes just as good with whipping cream on top instead of meringue.
Keyword chocolate pie

Stir together your dry ingredients in a sauce pan add in your eggs.

Slowly add in your milk all while stirring or whisking constantly. Bring to a boil.

Add to your prebaked pie crust.

Whip up your egg whites with the sugar and cream of tarter as the recipe states. Ad to the top of your cooled pie and place under the broiler until browned lightly. Watch very closely or use a kitchen torch.


My Version of a Gardening Wreath

Today I am making a garden wreath. Truth be told I wanted to do a garden hose wreath but my hose would not hold its shape it was way too weak. So I used a grapevine wreath I had. I have seen these done in all different ways. Today I am showing you what worked best for me. Here are my supplies,

I bought three sets of clay pots at the dollar store. I used a grapevine wreath, decorative watering can and some flowers I had.

I tied each clay pot onto the wreath using my plastic coated wire I had. I tied going through from the small hole in the bottom and tying through a piece of the wreath. I tied then twisted the wire to hold the pot in place.

I just placed my clay pots sporadically around the wreath. I cut sprigs off from my flower bush in small bunches and cut enough to really fill up the pots so they would stay in them if the wind blew.

I tied my decorative watering can to the bottom of the wreath. I didn’t end up using the larger pots as I felt I had filled up the wreath nicely.

This is going to be hung outside on a vintage door I have leaning on the side of the house with my vintage bike. Bu the weather is not cooperating with me to be able to do that yet.

Decorating For Spring on My Farmhouse Porch

white printed paper with four white roses
Photo by Alena Koval on

Here in Michigan the weather is very unpredictable this time of year. The calendar may say Spring but the weather sure doesn’t lately. It has been grey and dreary every day with cool temps, not my kind of Spring weather.

I am joining my friends Terrie and Tammy as we decorate our porches for Spring. I was able to decorate some when we had that couple of good Spring feeling days. Since then It has been windy and rainy so I was not able to get a video made of everything.

So I had to take the photos I had taken and made a video of the pictures for you. It is not completely decorated the way I want yet but at least it is a start. So then when the weather finally does cooperate I can start on my new raised bed garden area. I will definitely be blogging about that also.

First I made a wreath for the front door, I added a bunny to it for Easter.

I removed all the greenery leftover from Christmas, Yes you heard that right, It has been a long Winter full of flu bugs. I replaced it with some Forsythia branches in my crate on the wall and my old wine barrel.

I put a bird cage I had gotten at a yard sale a couple of years ago out on the porch and filled it with flowers, bunnies and Spring like items.

I spray painted my wall pot holder a sage green and put some terra cotta pots into the hangers and filled them with some faux tulips.

I added my vintage ironing board welcome sign and a couple of rugs by the door. I got this adorable truck at Sams Club, it lights up, so cute! It was the perfect shade of green.

That’s it for my small porch, I am hoping in a couple of weeks to be adding some fresh pansies to the steps in some galvanized pails.

Now you will want to visit my friends beautiful porches. They live in much warmer climates than me so you can get some great inspiration.



No Sew Easter Table Runner

I wanted to get to a store and purchase a new Easter table runner this year. But with both of us being so sick this Winter there was not a lot of shopping time. When I took my Easter tote out I seen I had this bunny garland made from felt I must have bought last year. I knew I had some left over fabric drop cloth. I decided to utilize both and make a new runner.

I used my hand dandy no sew stitch glue and my fabric drop cloth.

I only needed to hem one side as I found an area that was already stitched on three sides. I turned it over on the side that needed hemmed and glued it down and let it dry for about an hour.

I took my felt bunny garland apart and decided which ones I would use. Then I just glued them on with the stitch glue too and waited for them to dry.

I have a smaller table so I didn’t make mine very big but you can make it any size you want. I had left over bunnies from this project so I definitely could have made it bigger if needed.

Oreo Pop Flower Treats

Aren’t these the cutest? I am continuing with making simple treats for Easter. My grandchildren are not big on cake eating so I have to be inventive with my treats. These were a little messy to make but so worth the effort. I think they really turned out adorable.

Here are your ingredients you need. You can use any melting chocolates you want. I started with the pink discs and decided to use the vanilla bark in the end. I thought they looked prettier with that. You really would not have to use the sticks either. They looked just as pretty without the sticks and displayed together. But I had them so I decided maybe it might be a little cleaner for the moms if I used them.

First you melt your chocolate, I took the Oreos apart and added a little of the chocolate to each side of the Oreo and dipped the sucker stick in the chocolate and put them back together with the stick inside the Oreo.

Then I used a spoon and and dropped some of the chocolate down the sides and front and back. I allowed some to run off so as not to have too much chocolate. I wanted them to resemble flowers when I was done.

I then started arranging the M&M’s in a flower pattern using the yellow ones as the center. I used the same color for each flower. So fun!

I always used the yellow for the center but chose different colors for each flower so I had a variety.

These have been kid tested and approved.

Chocolate Oreo M&M Pops

Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 0 mins
0 mins


  • 1 Package Chocolate stuffed cookies
  • 6 0z Melting chocolate any color
  • 1 Package Chocolate coated candies
  • 12 Sucker sticks


  • Melt the chocolate of your choice, take apart your cookies.
  • Dip the sucker stick in the melted chocolate and add a little to the inside of the each cookie side.
  • Put your cookie back together with the stick in the middle.
  • Using a spoon ladle some chocolate to the sides of the cookie pop and then spoon over the front and back of cookie.
  • Let some chocolate fall off, so you do not have too much covering it.
  • Arrange your chocolate candies in a flower patter on top of the cookie before the chocolate hardens up.