Adding touches of Fall around our Farmhouse

The Dining Room

This year for my Fall decorating I decided I wanted to stay with mostly things from nature.

Our garden was so successful at producing pumpkins of different varieties and sizes. We also have plenty of corn husks. Soon the Bittersweet will start to burst and I can make some wreaths from that.

Faux Mantel

I used dried branches in my jars and birch branches in my basket. I used some mounting putty to put some leaves I had preserved on the wall to appear as if they are falling.

I tried to stick with naturals and used my dried Hydrangeas and baskets to add texture.


I changed my quote for the Fall season.

Living Room

Here I have pears and grapevine wreaths from nature. I added in some signs I had from previous seasons.

I just discovered I have a lot of ears of ornamental Indian corn so I’m drying that and will attempt to make a wreath. Something I’ve never done before!

Indian in my soup tureen

Have you started you Fall decor yet? I hope I have provided you just a little bit of inspiration to help if not. Thank you so much for visiting, I appreciate it!

My DIY Faux Leather Leaves

In my Fall decorating this year I just wanted to keep it simple. Not but new decor and use vintage and thrifted items. But I did find this leather pumpkin I could not resist at JoAnn Fabrics. It was 60% off so only $5 that I could do.

I was doing a diy challenge with some super talented ladies on Instagram and needed a diy.

I found these wooden leaves at the dollar store and that got my wheels turning!

I found some scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby that resembled leather. See where I’m going with this?

Very easy! I just traced my leaves out on my paper.

Then I just used Modge Podge to apply them. I let some wrinkle a little to look like aged vintage leather. After they dried I used a brown ink pad and rubbed it on the edges and wrinkles that really made it look like real vintage leather.

This was so fun and I was so happy they turned out so well. Now what else could I do this technique to?

Stay tuned….

As always thank you for stopping by I would love for you to comment and let me know how you like them or tell me your latest diy.

Farmhouse Style Ceiling Fans

I am not a fan of ceiling fans, no pun intended. But the living room in our farmhouse needed one badly. It has very large windows which I love for the light. But in the Summer months it can get very toasty in there. We live in an old farmhouse that does not have central air.

It had been a long while since I had looked at ceiling fans. Boy have the styles changed. There is lots out there now and beautiful styles.

I wanted a fan that went my decor and style of my home. When I found I was doing a happy dance! They have farmhouse style, glam style, and industrial style ceiling fans. And at affordable prices.

The one I chose

I chose a more farmhouse glam type one. And It comes with a remote control too! Can you tell I’m excited 🙂. It’s very quiet also.

I loved this one also

Your probably not as surprised as me about the selection available out there. Apparently I don’t get out much!

Use the following link and my code save10 to save even more.

A Cheap and Easy Way to Add Shiplap

Horizontal Shiplap

When we were remodeling our old farmhouse. I knew I wanted to shiplap a lot of the rooms.

Some of the rooms had original shiplap already on them but it was too damaged. We needed to find a way to do some shiplap inexpensively.

We did some researching on the internet and then did some searching at our lumber yard.

We decided to use eight foot by four foot pieces of laun. Then we to cut eight inch strips out of each piece I liked the little wider look. This is what Luan looks like. We had already cut some from this board.

We hung it horizontally in our dining room and kitchen.

Horizontal with open shelving in the kitchen
Vertical Shiplap Accent Wall

We used it vertically here in our living room as part of an accent wall. Some people use a penny in between each piece for a little gap. With the luan it’s so light we just put it where we wanted it. We staggered the pieces also so it wasn’t long sections in a row and cut different size widths. . We wanted it to look like real shiplap.

This was the cheapest way for us to do this. At the time It was $11 a piece for the 4 x 8 boards. Hope this helps you want to do some shiplap.

If your looking for a cottage or farmhouse look this definitely adds it.

Drying Hydrangeas

Years ago I fell in love with Hydrangeas. My mother in law had a beautiful huge bush. She had a green thumb and taught me the easiest way to dry them.

Annabelle Hydrangea

My smaller bushes are babies from the baby of her Hydrangea bush that she had given me a root from many years ago. this is only their second year at our farmhouse. I’m so thankful they are growing good. A lot of praying went into these plants.

She taught me to be patient and wait for them to turn their final color which on Annabelle would be the pale green almost sagey.

And they need to feel like paper and almost dry on the bush.

See how the ones on the right are green compared to the one on the left.

The one on the left wasn’t ready ( yes it was sacrificed for this post) 😂 see how it just wrinkled up and isn’t very pretty. That’s where the patience comes in. Now strip the leaves off. And set in a vase or jar.

Dried perfectly

These ones above dried perfectly, just by putting them in a jar, with or without water works.

Pee Gee Hydrangea

This is my Pee Gee Hydrangeas. I have learned with these ones to let them turn their beautiful colors of pink and green together. And the same for these, patience is a virtue. They are not ready yet. They are just starting to bloom. I was afraid I wouldn’t have any of these but they were late bloomers this year.

Just remember patience is your biggest obstacle here, you can do this!!

Let me know if you have any other tips or try this! Because I am definitely not an expert I’m just sharing what works for me. I love it when you share with me!

Garden Progress

My Cut Flower Garden

I promised you an update on how my garden has been doing. And if you’ve hung in there waiting I want to tell you I appreciate it so much!!

With the hot muggy weather the garden really took off.

My Morning Glories are climbing and growing all over the place and the Cosmos should be blooming soon.

My Zinnias are starting to bloom like crazy.

Cucumbers and Zucchini

The veggies are starting to produce nicely. The potatoes are all done and we have been harvesting the them.

First Harvest

The corn is tasseling the beans are producing.

Corn and Pole beans

I’m so excited things are growing well even after a case of cucumber beetles.

The pumpkins are struggling. I’m really hoping and praying they can catch up and give me a good supply like last year.

How is your garden flowers or veggie doing this year?

Thank you for visiting!!

4 Simple Ways to Easily add Farmhouse Charm to Your Home

Vintage Frames

I know I’ve talked about this before, but adding a vintage or new to you frame in your home adds so much texture.

And texture is so important when your styling your home. It adds dimension too.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers or in my case fresh weeds. I seen these in our field and immediately thought what a delicate bouquet. You can bet I got the look from my hubby on that one! Sometimes it takes him a while to see the beauty.

I even bring in a bunch of branches to stick in my big jar. Anything alive like that just brings your space to life.

In the Fall and Winter I bring ing evergreen or just bare branches from my Curly Willow.

Warm Wood Tones

In farmhouse decor adding in some warm Wood Tones really pops, especially against a white background.

In my dining room I have used a lot of wood tones in shelves, accent pieces and wreaths.

A Simple Addition

To my mantel I just added an old reclaimed wood piece I found in our barn. It gave it so much more depth and I think made it really pop.


Baskets, I use them everywhere. For storage as plant holders and to put a small vignette in. They give so much texture and character.

Plus you can find them super cheap at Goodwill.

I hope this was helpful to you. I wanted to show you don’t have to have a ton of money to decorate your home in a cozy comfy farmhouse way.

Please share and let me know if you used any of my ideas.

Bathroom Refresh on a Budget

Hi there friends. Today I’m showing my bathroom refresh. When we bought this fixer upper the bathroom was the first room we wanted to renovate. We were living in an RV but let’s face it the bathrooms in those are not very big.

Here is the before photo. We had a ceiling to tear down and burgandy carpet to remove.

We painted first after demo and put in a bead board ceiling. There was so much that needed done in other rooms we wanted to get this one livable and clean. Time to make it more my style would have to wait.

And I’m glad I waited. I needed to find my style, what makes me happy. I am more cottage farmhousestyle I think lol.

So I started searching for a neutral cottagstyle wallpaper for a good price. Wallpaper Direct had just the right one and at an incredible price.

I had some bead board wallpaper left over from another project so I out that on the opposite walls. It’s heavier and hide all the marks in the walls that we couldn’t get out.

I then took a 1×4 and added hooks I had. To hold some towels and decor. Everyone needs a watering can hanging in their bathroom don’t they?

I added some warm wood tones and some greens.

Then I picked up some prints half off at Hobby Lobby that I had been admiring.

It is now my style, I smile every time I pass this room now. Moral of the story, it doesn’t take much to make your style your own.

Shop your home, move things around. Make your home make you smile.

My Love Hate Relationship with Gardening

Do you have some old picture frames laying around?

Today I’m going to show you how I have used some vintage picture frames I’ve had.

I pick frames up for super cheap at yard sales and flea markets all the time. There are so many uses for them.

Layering old frames is my favorite.

They can add so much dimension to a ledge or shelf.

Here I used a large frame to display a collection of ironstone.

I’m using this vintage frame to surround my diy wall letter board. You can see more here

As you can tell layering them is my favorite.  Let me know if you try any of these ideas I would love to see.