Decorating For Spring on My Farmhouse Porch

Here in Michigan the weather is very unpredictable this time of year. The calendar may say Spring but the weather sure doesn’t lately. It has been grey and dreary every day with cool temps, not my kind of Spring weather. I am joining my friends Terrie and Tammy as we decorate our porches for Spring.Continue reading “Decorating For Spring on My Farmhouse Porch”

No Sew Easter Table Runner

I wanted to get to a store and purchase a new Easter table runner this year. But with both of us being so sick this Winter there was not a lot of shopping time. When I took my Easter tote out I seen I had this bunny garland made from felt I must have boughtContinue reading “No Sew Easter Table Runner”

Oreo Pop Flower Treats

Aren’t these the cutest? I am continuing with making simple treats for Easter. My grandchildren are not big on cake eating so I have to be inventive with my treats. These were a little messy to make but so worth the effort. I think they really turned out adorable. Here are your ingredients you need.Continue reading “Oreo Pop Flower Treats”

Easter Tablescape with Some Easter Diy’s

Today my friends Terrie and Tammy and I are continuing our Easter decorating series. On Wednesday we showed you some Easter table decor we made. Today we are each showing our Easter tablescapes. If you would like to see how I made the centerpiece you can see it here. At each place setting I wrappedContinue reading “Easter Tablescape with Some Easter Diy’s”

How I am Decorating My Hutch for Spring/Easter

Today I am joining Terrie and Tammy to share how we are decorating our hutch’s for Spring Easter time. I have been adding bunnies and some florals around the home for Easter time. I love this time of year when the grass has hope of getting green and the trees and bushes start to bud.Continue reading “How I am Decorating My Hutch for Spring/Easter”

I Needed a new Shelf, So I Made One Out of Hula Hoops. Hula Hoop Shelf.

Today I am sharing with you How I made a shelf out of hula hoops. It was much easier than I thought, I think the hardest thing was covering up the bright green of the hula hoop. I used an automotive black spray paint and that seemed to hold up the best. When I justContinue reading “I Needed a new Shelf, So I Made One Out of Hula Hoops. Hula Hoop Shelf.”

Decorating in the Kitchen for Spring

Today I am joining my friends Tammy from @patinaandpaint and Terrie from as we decorate our countertops for kitchen. Today I am showing you my open shelving, island and countertops. I added just a little bit of bunnies to the open shelving. I used my cricut to cut out some bunnies and put themContinue reading “Decorating in the Kitchen for Spring”

Coconut Nests with Chocolate

Today I am sharing another fun and easy Spring treat that I am making for Easter. These were so fun to make and tasted so good I may have ate a couple and had to make new ones before I got the pictures taken. I love coconut in almost anything and so these were rightContinue reading “Coconut Nests with Chocolate”

How I Made an Easter Bunny Coaster

Easter is on it’s way so I am busy making all the cute crafts for it. Today is a bunny coaster. These do not have to be for Easter they can be out for Spring and Summer. I used the thick jute from the dollar store and the think white rope from the dollar store.Continue reading “How I Made an Easter Bunny Coaster”

Spring Flower Pretzel Bites

My family is not big cake eaters, which I love cake. Especially for Easter my mom always made a bunny cake. You know the kind with coconut all over for the fur and licorice for the whiskers. I miss that! So this year I have decided If I cant make the cute cake then IContinue reading “Spring Flower Pretzel Bites”