Recipe For Salisbury Steak

This wonderful Fall evenings has had me hungry for comfort foods. That and I have been fighting off a cold. I always want mashed potatoes when I am not feeling well, that made me think of this recipe. Creamy gravy and tender steak with mushrooms, so, so good! Brown your meat and add in mushroomsContinue reading “Recipe For Salisbury Steak”

Adding Neutral and Natural to my Fall Front Porch

I missed showing you my Fall front porch last week as I have not been feeling well. So here it is how I added some natural and neutral items to my front porch for Fall. I used pumpkins and corn stalks from our garden. And got some white mums I put them in some freeContinue reading “Adding Neutral and Natural to my Fall Front Porch”

DIY Wood Craft Challenge

Today I am joining some ladies for the first of the month DIY challenge. Terrie at Decorate and More hosts this each month. If your here from The House On Siverado , wasn’t her craft beautiful! This month it was to find some craft wood at the dollar store and make something. Mine is quiteContinue reading “DIY Wood Craft Challenge”

Neutral and Simple Farmhouse Fall Porch Ideas

Today I am going to share with you my ideas for my Fall porch. I want to remain somewhat neutral and gather from nature. We grow our own pumpkins and have our own cornstalks, so that part is easy for me. I always add in some faux flowers and some real Mums. I chose whiteContinue reading “Neutral and Simple Farmhouse Fall Porch Ideas”

Recipe for Easy Pie Crust

Since the nights are getting cooler and Fall seems to be in the air. It is officially time to make some pies. At least that is what it means at our house. Today I am sharing the easiest pie crust recipe I have found. I use my neighbor’s wonderful homemade butter which makes it soContinue reading “Recipe for Easy Pie Crust”

How to Create a Cozy Fall Table

Today my friends and I are going to show you how we create our Fall tables. Mine is going to be a table centerpiece, until we get closer to Thanksgiving and then I will show you how I am setting up the table for guests. I actually did two different ideas but I liked thisContinue reading “How to Create a Cozy Fall Table”

The Four Things I Look for at Thrift Stores

If you have been following along on this blog journey, the one thing you know about me is I am a thrifter. Whether it be flea markets or or thrift store and antique stores. I love the thrill of the hunt. You know when you find that one thing you had no idea you couldn’tContinue reading “The Four Things I Look for at Thrift Stores”

Fall is in the Air, Lets Bake Something

And by something I mean Caramel Apple Cheesecake bars. Need I say more? I didn’t think so. These bars are amazing and just remind me of Fall days spent at an apple orchard or picking out pumpkins. Just look at that caramel sauce! There are a few steps to making these bars but they areContinue reading “Fall is in the Air, Lets Bake Something”

Must Haves for the Perfect Thrifted Rustic Fall Mantel

Today me and my friends Terrie and Tammy are showing you how we styled our mantels for fall. I am calling mine a thrifted rustic mantel. As if you couldn’t tell from the title. I love to thrift shop either at thrift stores or flea markets and of course Goodwill. I got all of theContinue reading “Must Haves for the Perfect Thrifted Rustic Fall Mantel”

My 10 on the Tenth DIY Challenge A Roving Yarn Pumpkin

Hey there, to day I am joining some ladies who are challenged to do a diy for ten dollars or under.  Our theme for this month is Fall.  It could be fall anything as long as it stays ten dollars or under. My diy is another yarn pumpkin.  I am calling it a yarn rovingContinue reading “My 10 on the Tenth DIY Challenge A Roving Yarn Pumpkin”