Patriotic Silverware Holders for your Fourth of July Table

I told you I would be sharing some patriotic ideas for your Summer parties this year. I was trying to come up with something to put the silverware. it needed to be easy enough for adults and kids alike to just be able to pick up and carry while they are getting the rest of their food. But I also wanted it to be something cute and went with my other decor or theme I am doing.

I found these canvas bags at the dollar store they were pain but I knew I would come up with something to jazz them up. When I had decided on my theme I knew I wanted to put a flag on the bags. At first I was going to just stencil a star on them. But I wasn’t quite feeling it. That is when I seen my flags I had made here.

I used my glue gun to put the fabric on. I knew I would not be washing them as the kids will probably fill them after with something and take them home. I cut my blue square first for the star area and thn I had some red ticking fabric and cut a square to go under the blue for the stripes.

I just hot glued around the edges of the sack where I knew the squares would be placed and attached them onto the bags.

After I placed the napkin and silverware inside I used some jute to tie the bag. That way everything will stay secure. Especially for the children when they carry them.

You can see more of my Fourth of July table setting here.

Thank you for stopping by and God Bless! Stay tuned for another patriotic something something!

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