Let’s Make Some Patriotic Decorations, How to make Spindle Flags

Why hello June! I always try to make some patriotic decorations to use around the farmhouse and porches for the Fourth of July. So I will be showing you a new diy each week for the month of June. Then you will be all ready for the fourth.

Todays patriotic decoration is very simple and easy tow of my favorite words to get ready for any holiday.

I have a bunch of old spindles I had gotten form the thrift store. So I decided to put them to use for some patriotic decor. Love how they look in one of my vintage milk glass vases.

My supplies I used are, Old spindles, different sizes, flags form the dollar store. I used two different sizes.

I took the flags off from the poles make sure to remove the staples that are holing them on.

I used the hot glue gun to wrap the flags around the spindles just a bit.

Make sure to hold the flag on tight so the glue adheres. They turned out so cute I think.

There you have it, I hope you liked this diy and will try making some yourself. Here is how I made a patriotic luminary.

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