Adding Some Patriotic Decorating to the Barn Porch

It is warmer weather here in Michigan finally. With Memorial Day coming up I have been adding some patriotic touches around the exterior of our home and barn. I love making the decor rather than spending money for new things each year. Plus it allows me to use some of my thrifted items which I think adds more character. Today I am showing you how I made a patriotic luminary or candle holder.

I am using a large jar I got at the Amish hardware. It resembles the large jars that pickles come in the really big ones. I use these for all kinds of things and they are super cheap at the place where I go. I also used some distressing ink, Mod Podge from the dollar store and a flag from the dollar store.

Using the dollar store flag I distressed just using a scrapbook stamp pad in the color walnut or the distressing ink. Just wipe it on both sides and let set a couple of hours or overnight.

You will need Mod Podge, some sand or rice to put inside the jar and a candle flameless preferably. I use a flameless candle in mine. That way I don’t have to worry about the grandbabies around them.

Cut the flag part off the pole and put some Mod Podge on the jar and put the flag on that. Then add some more Mod Podge over the flag . I used a sponge brush for this and used it also to flatten the flag onto the jar and then let it dry.

It will look white when applied but it dries clear.

Super easy and super cute and how inexpensive. You could use any size jar just match your flag to it. For Fourth of July these are going to be all over the property, we love to show our patriotism here. They would be cute for a picnic or gathering. Also you could put citronella candles in them to help fight off those nasty mosquitos. Here are some other areas we have decorated. And our photo bomber, he just loves to be in the pics or is very nosey!

Thank you for stopping by and God Bless!

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