How I Repurposed a Crate into a Rustic Outdoor Table

I have been trying to jazz up the barn porch this year. It is a nice covered area to visit when friends or family come over. I am going with the rustic farmhouse look out here. Last year we made this bench from an old headboard and barn wood. Please remember this is a barn porch it is not new we are working with what we have to make it prettier.

Here is the crate it is a very large one and doesn’t have a top, so we decided that would be the bottom. I wanted to be able to move it around so my hubby found some caster wheels on something he was getting rid of.

I cleaned and sanded the crate as best as I could. Then we attached the four castor wheels to each corner of the box.

I did remove the straps on the inside of the crate. As soon as this Michigan weather allows I am going to put some exterior poly on it.

Now to make it pretty!

The barn cat Buttons decided he needed to be in the pics. And here he is loving on the table.

What do you think do you like it? Would you make one?

God Bless and thankyou for stopping by!

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