How I Made a Farmhouse Pulley and Bucket Planter

Today I am going to show you how I made a planter for my porch. It isn’t quite warm enough here in Michigan for real flowers to be out on my porch. So I wanted to come up with something to fill the space. I also had this old pulley which I knew I wanted to use for a repurpose of some sort.

Here is what I used an old pulley, pail, watering can and rope from the dollar store.

I doubled the rope around the pulley and figured out what length I wanted.

After I had the length figured out I cut the rope to that length and then I used some hot glue to keep the rope in place.

I cut one side of the rope shorter so the pieces wouldn’t hang even. You want one side shorter than the other. Then I double tied the rope around the handles of the watering can and pail.

I added some floral foam into the pail to hold the foliage in. Put it in real tight s o if the winds come up it will keep the greenery or flowers inside the pail. I cut my foliage to individual pieces to be able to place in the pail and I always find it stays in the containers better this way.

I like how it turned out! Now I can have a plant on my porch even if it frosts at night.

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Next week hopefully I will be sharing with how my new raised bed area is coming along. I am using repurposed items for that too.

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