This Week at Curly Willow Acres

I realized I haven’t shown our animals to you lately. It is Spring here on our little farm as we like to call it. Time to plow the garden, start new plants inside and get started on yard work which is never ending. Since our home was abandoned for years we have had to tackle yard work a little each year. This year I have two beds I would like to clear out and get rid of. I’m sure in their prime they were probably beautiful. But since being left alone for years the burdocks and weeds took over most of the flower beds. When I find a flower that was planted I dig it up and move it to my new area along the barn. This bed below by June will be full of picky weeds so I am trying to tackle it now. In the picture we have already removed the massive grapevine trunk and trumpet flower trunks. They both took my hubby getting on the tractor and pulling them out.

There is probably at least a hundred rocks to pull out too. I have been doing that slowly. I am not sure what the poles were used for but the tree its leaning on is dead sadly. But there is a bird house on it the birds use so I told the hubby we have to leave that section for them.

I have started some tomatoes and pepper plants inside this year. Usually I do about 40 of each but I have a nice surplus of canned left over so I get to take it easy this year. Last year the garden bugs were so bad for everything that we are letting the garden area rest except for pumpkins, several varieties, Indian corn, potatoes and sunflowers. You can see last years pumpkin harvest here.

Everything else will be in a new raised bed area I am doing. I am repurposing items to use and making a couple of new cedar beds. I am hoping to make this a cute and relaxing area for me.

Now for the animals Tucker our mini horse is loving being able to graze outside again.

My girls, I love my chickens my old girls are so sweet! My three new ones are getting used to me still.

They come running when I call them.

This is Lavey, she is a sweetheart loves to be held.

They are loving fresh dirt for the dirt baths lol.

Bella our Mini Rex bunny. She is waiting patiently for us to get her run made so she can be outside of the barn.

And of course the barn cats have to make their appearance.

Buttons are resident mouser, I think she does all of the work.

And Rascal who lives up to his name and is spoiled rotten as you can tell.

I think I have gotten you up to date on what ahs been happening her. I am trying to show more of behind the scenes here not just what you see on Instagram.

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