My Version of a Gardening Wreath

Today I am making a garden wreath. Truth be told I wanted to do a garden hose wreath but my hose would not hold its shape it was way too weak. So I used a grapevine wreath I had. I have seen these done in all different ways. Today I am showing you what worked best for me. Here are my supplies,

I bought three sets of clay pots at the dollar store. I used a grapevine wreath, decorative watering can and some flowers I had.

I tied each clay pot onto the wreath using my plastic coated wire I had. I tied going through from the small hole in the bottom and tying through a piece of the wreath. I tied then twisted the wire to hold the pot in place.

I just placed my clay pots sporadically around the wreath. I cut sprigs off from my flower bush in small bunches and cut enough to really fill up the pots so they would stay in them if the wind blew.

I tied my decorative watering can to the bottom of the wreath. I didn’t end up using the larger pots as I felt I had filled up the wreath nicely.

This is going to be hung outside on a vintage door I have leaning on the side of the house with my vintage bike. Bu the weather is not cooperating with me to be able to do that yet.

10 thoughts on “My Version of a Gardening Wreath

  1. Corine you never cease to amaze me with your great ideas and talent. This wreath is so cute! I definitely need to make one for my back porch area. LOVE it!

  2. I love how it turned out! I know how bad it sucks when a project doesn’t cooperate the way you want it to, but your wreath ended up beautiful! I can’t wait to see it once it’s on the door. It’s great that you can easily reuse the wreath if you want to.
    Happy hopping!
    Niki ~ Life as a LEO Wife

  3. Corine, this wreath using natural elements is perfect for Spring and would be great on any style of home and it’s door. It is perfect for indoor decorating too. I can easily see this above the fireplace mantel. It does remind me of Spring so much and planting season. Your wreath inspired me and I can’t wait to pot up some herbs.

  4. Your garden wreath looks amazing and it really looks so good in your wall and table grouping! Where you are moving it sounds like a great idea, too. I had no idea the Dollar store had those cute little pots. I’m going to see if mine has them.

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