No Sew Easter Table Runner

I wanted to get to a store and purchase a new Easter table runner this year. But with both of us being so sick this Winter there was not a lot of shopping time. When I took my Easter tote out I seen I had this bunny garland made from felt I must have bought last year. I knew I had some left over fabric drop cloth. I decided to utilize both and make a new runner.

I used my hand dandy no sew stitch glue and my fabric drop cloth.

I only needed to hem one side as I found an area that was already stitched on three sides. I turned it over on the side that needed hemmed and glued it down and let it dry for about an hour.

I took my felt bunny garland apart and decided which ones I would use. Then I just glued them on with the stitch glue too and waited for them to dry.

I have a smaller table so I didn’t make mine very big but you can make it any size you want. I had left over bunnies from this project so I definitely could have made it bigger if needed.

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