How I Made an Easter Bunny Coaster

Easter is on it’s way so I am busy making all the cute crafts for it. Today is a bunny coaster. These do not have to be for Easter they can be out for Spring and Summer. I used the thick jute from the dollar store and the think white rope from the dollar store. I liked using the white one the best, it is softer and easier to handle. I think they would be cute in the jute twine too.

Make a loop and put some hot glue where you start and end the first loop. Then just keep gluing and wrapping around to for as big of circle as you like.

When you get towards the end then make sure you have enough to make one of the ears. Hot glue both sides of that ear.

Now make a loop from another piece of the rope for the other ear and hot glue that on. For the white one I used some twine to tie each ear together.

I then tied a bow with ribbon for the one ear to make it look cute. On one I added some ribbon behind the ears too. It would be cute as the bunny butt with a pom pom hot glued on one. I also hot glued a piece of some ribbon behind the white ones ears to make it pretty.

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