Diy Easter Decorating in the Farmhouse

It’s March and I’m not going to lie I am happy Winter is on its way out. This month promises the first day of Spring. Here in Michigan the weather really doesn’t cooperate that well. So we need to bring Spring inside and Easter. This is my first Easter diy to share with you. Bunny bait, I thought it turned out cute and looks cute beside my white faux bunny.

I will say after this picture I added some small pepples from the dollar store to the bottom of the bag which helped it stand on its own.

I started using some of my dropcloth. Cut it into a rectangle and glued the edges together. Waited for it to dry. Then I wrote with a permanent marker Bunny bait.

Then I took my carrots I had and white washed some paint on them. I wanted to tone the orange down. I also washed some on the green tops.

I took some sage green yarn I had from the dollar store and wrapped it around the tops of The carrots and glued them on.

After the white dried I added some antique wax and rubbed a little on the carrots.

I filled the bag with Spanish moss and some raffia for texture. And then I took some antiqued muslin and tied a bow and glued it on the bag.

What do you think? Let me know if you make it and show me your version. That is always fun!

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