How to Make a No Sew Easter Pillow

I seen a similar pillow at a store, had it in my cart. Then I remembered I had some dropcloth and a pillow insert at home.

So I decided to put it back and make my own.

I used the Liquid stitch again to make this. You can see another project I did using it here.

I cut my dropcloth fabric to fit my pillow insert. I put my right sides together and glued three sides. I left the bottom open to fit my insert into.

Then I put my insert in and used the liquid stitch to close up the bottom. This is a seasonal pillow so I wasn’t worried about needing to take it back out.

I cut my carrots from my Cricut machine but you could easily use a pattern or even a cookie cutter.

I glued them on the front with the liquid stitch. I wanted something green for the tops. But I couldn’t find anything, the one I seen used yarn.

So I used jute. I cut some strands and then wrapped another piece around the beginning to the tops to resemble a carrot top.

I then glued them on. I absolutely love it! Now I want to do some bunnies on another one. What would you do?

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