How to Make Home Decor From Kitchen Towels

Hi there, I have been wanting to make some new curtains for my kitchen door. My challenge this month for the blog was to create home decor from kitchen towels.

So I automatically thought curtains. Because there are so many cute and farmhouse kitchen towels out there. I am not using terry cloth ones but linen cotton ones I found on Amazon. I’ll link them at the bottom for you.

First I chose the pattern I wanted. Then I cut it in half because I am not covering the whole window just the bottom part.

And because I had given my sewing machine to my granddaughter I am using Liquid Stitch. I have used this before and it does hold up very nicely.

Next I folded my seam down and ironed it down. Then I put a bead of the Liquid Stitch along the hem and then help it in place with some canned goods for a few minutes.

I waited about a half an hour and then took the cans off and it was glued down nicely. I let them dry for a few hours and then hung them up with some cafe clips I had for the curtain before.

I really like them! Stay tuned next week for another kitchen towel remake. What do you think it will be?

Here is a link for the towels I used and the liquid stitch.

I am an Amazon affiliate so I make a small amount from each purchase. If you purchase thank you so much!

Thank you for stopping by and as always God Bless!

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