Valentine’s Day Decorating and how to Make an Easy Seasonal Candleholder

Hi there, I am working on my Valentine decorating still. A couple of more crafts I am wanting to make. I am part of a blogging program where you can choose from a list of items and then make a certain item from what you choose. Mine was using skewers so today I am showing you two candle holders I made using skewers.

For this one I used a piece of a 2 x 4 that I cut to a certain length. Then I drilled three holes in the top to fit my candles.

I cleaned the wood up with some oil to bring out the natural color and grain. First I cut the tips off from the skewers. I started layering the skewers up the top and back of the wood piece, I just went half way up. I was going for some texture and I love white and wood together. So after hot gluing the skewers on I painted them white.

I know it is not looking so good but hang in there.

I then painted a small wood heart I had form the dollar store and used a glue dot to attach it. That way I can change it out for the seasons.

I love the rustic glam look it has. It is perfect on my bedroom ledge with my rose garland for Valentines day.

For my second one I used a candle holder form the dollar store, skewers and jute. My tools were snips and a glue gun.

I just started by using a tiny bit of glue for each skewer and gluing it at the bottom. You can space these as close or far apart as you would like.

I started winding the jute around the bottom. I put a dot of hot glue on the jute to start it. Keep winding around to get the thickness you would like and just add a touch of hot glue to the end piece. Do the same to the top of the candle holder.

I added a flameless candle to it. I think if you used a real candle the hot glue may come undone.

I hope this gave you a tiny bit of inspiration. And as always God Bless!

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