How to make a Valentine Small Bead Garland

Today I am sharing how I made a small Valentine’s bead Garland. I was wanting something to use to drape around my flameless candles. I couldn’t find anything in the stores so I decided to make my own.

It was so easy, everything but the heart came from the dollar store.

Supplies I used: jute, beads, heart tag and any heart for the end.

I started by attaching the jute to the tag. Then I measured my length I wanted and started stringing the beads on.

At the end of my jute piece I got glued my heart on. This is where you can use any heart you find or have on hand. I had this one from another project.

I then painted my tag white and the silver heart gold. I used the gold leafing paint so it would shimmer. I then sanded the tag and applied some antiquing wax to the edges to give it some dimension.

I love how it turned out! Next week I will have another easy Valentine diy for you.

I am putting my Facebook page here so ⬆️ you can check out my video. Also the videos of my friends sharing their Valentine’s diy.

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