How I am Transitioning from Christmas to Winter Decor

Happy first week of 2022!  Wow I can’t believe I am saying that.  Today I want to show you some ideas I use to transition my decorating from Christmas to Winter.

It is always a little bittersweet putting away the Christmas decorations.  But is is nice to see less clutter and to simplify a little.

I start with getting all the cozy throws out.  I usually put them in a basket like you see above.  Then they are handy to grab and put away for our guests.

All of my plants come out of hiding.  I put them in my laundry room during the holidays.  So I can add all of the Christmas garlands and trees.

These are some new ones I received from  They arrived so healthy and beautiful.  I was able to choose low light ones and I had done my research and knew these ones are easy to care for.

I also add all the lanterns in and use my flameless candles.  You can click here for my favorites.

Add in all the cozy comfy features you can think of that make you happy.  I love to put a basket with yarns in it.  It adds texture and they are handy if I want to use them for a project.

Here I added my old vintage paint brushes to an old urn for texture and interest.  And look at that beautiful sunshine.  But don’t let it fool you it is only 9 degrees outside.

I hope this gave you a few ideas for how to change your decor around for the Winter season.

My favorites are:

Flameless candles




Have a beautiful day sweet friends.  A Winter DIY is coming yet this week.

3 thoughts on “How I am Transitioning from Christmas to Winter Decor

  1. Okay its official, I want to come over and have tea! Your home is GORGEOUS. I like that you’ve made a distinction in season and decor style. Add some twiggy branches in a cool vase and it will look like a magazine house 😉

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