How to Make a Winter Tree Village

Two diy’s in one week, who am I? I have been wanting to make the trees stuck in the board for quite a while now (i’m not sure of the technical name for it. I have been seeing them all over the gram. But I wanted to do mine a little different.

I found this village at Dollar General and thought it was so cute and I knew it would look cute with my trees.  You could easily add more trees instead.

Here is what I used some wood triangles I had cut before for another project, some foam board, a dowel, wallpaper or contact paper. And a 2 x 4 board for your base.

First I cut out some skinny trees from the foam board from the dollar store. Then I traced the trees onto the wallpaper, remember you need two pieces for each tree for front and back.

I wet the wallpaper and put it on both sides of the foam trees. Now wait for them to dry. I then stained the wood trees and base board along with the dowel I will be using.

After the stained ones dried I applied some Vaseline in various areas and let that sit for about 15 minutes. This doesn’t let the paint adhere to those areas. Then I painted them white, after they dried I sanded them off some. Where the Vaseline was the paint comes right off. Makes them look crackly and distressed. You know me I don’t like anything to look perfect. If it is not old I want it to look it!


After this I got the hot glue gun out and cut my dowel to various sizes for my wallpaper trees. Then I glued the dowels to them. I used wood glue to adhere the other trees and village to the base. I had to drill holes in the base the size of my dowel pieces to stick the wallpaper trees in.

As I was doing this I added a lit touch of hot glue to help them stay put.  I really love how they turned out.  My hubby thought they wallpaper ones were real wood.

Have a beautiful day and God Bless!

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