How I Made a Faux Christmas Cake

Can you believe Christmas is next week? It always seems to come and go way too fast. Today I am continuing my Christmas diy series that I promised you.

I think it turned out looking so good. Probably better than if I had made a real one. I tested my daughter by sending her a pic and told her I made a cake. She said “wow mom that is beautiful, what is the occasion?” So I knew it looked real lol.

The supplies you will need are Styrofoam disks, drywall compound, white craft paint. All my supplies came from the dollar store. First mix some white paint into your compound. The drywall compound has a gray tint to it so adding the paint makes it whiter.

I first glued all my disks together so they wouldn’t move on me.

I decided I wanted mine to look like a naked cake. I chose brown paint to paint on the sides in areas that I would have show through. To mimic a chocolate cake.

Then I used a paint brush form the dollar store to paint the mixture onto the disks. Just like you would a cake basically.

I added some mica flakes on the top and sides before the mixture dried. Just help it look more like a Christmas cake. You could use glitter just the same.

I had some cranberries I had dipped in egg whites and rolled in sugar. They had been drying for a couple of days. So I added them to the top of the cake. I used some hot glue to keep some in place.

This hardly took any time and it was fun. The longest time is letting it dry.

Here you can find some cute napkin rings for the holiday

I hope you enjoyed this project! I have two more to show you yet!

2 thoughts on “How I Made a Faux Christmas Cake

  1. Corine that cake looks so real! It’s amazing. I love it! You did a great job of getting the dry wall compound so white. And those cranberries – genius!

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