How to Make Some DIY Christmas, Winter Trees

It is another week and as promised I am going to be sharing diy’s up until Christmas week. This one can be used all Winter long like last weeks post, you can see that here. These are so fun to make and are super easy. You just need a few supplies.

Floral foam, peat pots but you could use small clay pots also. A faux evergreen branch, white paint, mica flakes (optional) or glitter and whatever you would like to decorate the exterior of your pot.

First paint your pots. I like to show some of the underneath of the pot so it looks sort of distressed. While your paint is still wet sprinkle the mica flakes or glitter on them and wait for them to dry.

After they are dry add in your floral foam to the pot. I use a tiny bit of hot glue to secure them in the pots.

Then I decided to stamp the word joy on the outside of the pots. On another I tore some music sheet paper and stamped it on that and glued it on the outside.

Now just cut your branch into pieces that look like little trees. Add them into the floral foam. I used some pieces of stuffing and put it on the inside around the top of the container to resemble snow.

You can really use your imagination to decorate the pots. I am tying some with ticking fabric which looks adorable too.

I hope you try this easy diy and share them with me if you do. I love seeing how you make them your own.

God Bless and have a beautiful day!

4 thoughts on “How to Make Some DIY Christmas, Winter Trees

  1. Happy Christmastime to you, Corine!! I love your sweet little Christmas trees… I brought out the little ones I’d made before we moved from California (about six/seven years ago now) and put them all on our fireplace mantel. So fun!!!

    Anyway, I’m glad you linked up for Share Your Style as I was able to share them this week at SYS #328 for you. <3

    Have a wonderful Christmas-y weekend,
    Barb 🙂

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