How to Make a Cozy Roving Yarn Winter Tree

You know I love working with the roving yarn. You can see my soft Roving Yarn Pumpkin here.

These trees I am making I am planning to keep up all through January. I have already been thinking about my Winter Mantel.

Here are the supplies you will need. A styrofoam cone, a small dowel, a log slice and the yarn of your choice. I used the roving yarn. Tools you will need is a drill, drill bit to fit the size of your dowel, glue gun.

Cut your dowel to your desired size and insert it into the cone. I used a bit of hot glue to keep it secure. And then drill a hole in the log slice about the size of your dowel end.

Insert your tree into the hole and use some hot glue to secure it.

Now just start wrapping and gluing your yarn to the tree. My yarn was thick so it took no time at all to wrap it. At the top you will have to work with your yarn to secure it. I used a small wood snowflake to help one of mine.

This one I added a Christmas tag to. Have fun with them you could hot glue anything to them.

I hope you enjoyed this diy another one coming next week.

God Bless!

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