Christmas Decorating in the Kitchen, Finishing the Hutch

To continue with our series of Christmas Decorate with Us. Today Tammy from Patina and Paint, Terrie from Decorate and more with Tip and I are showing how we decorated our hutches in our kitchens for Christmas.

My hutch I went simple with as I use it daily this time of year for baking. So I am constantly using the flour and sugar. But I still like to add a little Christmas.

I added some of my favorite striped ribbon to the canister lids. And I added greenery to the top and basket and some twinkle lights.

See those cute houses on the left? I will have a diy post up tomorrow on how I made them. So easy, inexpensive and cute!

Here is the ribbon I used.

As an Amazon influencer I may y make a small amount if you purchase from my links. Thank you form the bottom of my heart.

Now you get to go and visit my sweet friends.

Have a beautiful day and God Bless!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Decorating in the Kitchen, Finishing the Hutch

  1. I love that ribbon, it was hard to see detail in the video, it’s so pretty. The detail on your houses is amazing. I decorated some from Hob Lob a few years ago but they aren’t nearly as pretty or detailed as yours. Great job on the hutch. I love everything about it.

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