Diy Spindle Trees, Craft with Us Thursday

By now you know I love a good diy and I love Christmas trees. And I love new ways to make them so as I was staring at my pail of spindles I had gotten at a local thrift store this Summer. I came up with this idea, I am probably late to the game with this but they are new to me. I started with a round craft wood piece I had and then cut a larger block piece. You want it bigger than the round piece as this will be the base of the tree.

I painted both of these pieces white and then sanded them to give them a distressed look.

Then I drilled a hole in the center of the top of the spindle that would fit the pole of the dollar store tree.

I screwed the bottom pieces to the bottom of the spindle. And then I attached the dollar store tree with a little bit of hot glue down into the hole at the top of the tree.

Here I added a little bit of scrap fabric to the top.

I really like how it turned out I am going to be making a set of these. I will be making a white spindle with the green tree from the dollar store too. So many ways you could decorate these up.

Here is a post from some dollar store crafts I made last year.

Tag me if you make one I would love to see your version.

Have a beautiful day and God Bless!

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