My Christmas Inspiration Ideas

I know some of you may not like me doing this post so early. But I love having my Christmas decorations up for Thanksgiving, my grandchildren love it. And I love bringing smiles to their faces. My friends, Terrie and Tammy are joining me today as we share our Christmas inspiration.

This year I received a flocked King of Christmas Tree and I love it!! So excited. I will be sharing some items with links from products I bought for this year. I usually do not buy too much new I just move things around differently each year. That way it is new to me.

I love vintage ornaments and trees so you will see a lot of these in my Christmas decorating.

When I start decorating I usually have a little idea of what direction I ma going to go and then it all evolves and sometimes takes me in a whole new direction.

Here are some of the items I am using this year with links. And full disclosure as I am an Amazon and other influencer this post contains affiliate links, meaning that purchases made through such links directly support this blog at no additional cost to you. The support I receive allows me to continue to create free content and resources for you. Thank you so much for your support I appreciate it so much!

This tree from Walmart is only $30 and I love it , after today I will show you how I styled it. Just click on the picture or this link You can click on that link to find the garlands and small tree I am using.

Are you surprised I am going with some color this year?

Now you get the chance to go visit my friends blogs and see their inspiration.

Have a beautiful day and God Bless!

6 thoughts on “My Christmas Inspiration Ideas

  1. Corine you had me a shiny brite! My favorite ornaments of all time. Maybe because that’s what we had on our tree when I was a child. The were handed down to my mom from her grandmother. And boy did I love them. I may have to hit Walmart up on that 30.00 tree…. I always have a small tinsel tree in my bedroom, which I LOVE but it’s a table top 4 foot skinny tree. Thanks for sharing all of your inspo. I just know it’s going to be beautiful. I can’t wait to see it all put together.

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