The Four Things I Look for at Thrift Stores

If you have been following along on this blog journey, the one thing you know about me is I am a thrifter. Whether it be flea markets or or thrift store and antique stores. I love the thrill of the hunt. You know when you find that one thing you had no idea you couldn’t live without. This list is not the only things I look for but what always catches my eye.

#1 Headboards

Click here to see what I did with this thrifted head board and foot board. And here to see what I made this with.

#2 Vintage Mirrors

All of my mirrors I have found at thrift stores. I did not pay over four dollars for any of them.

#3 Vintage boxes

Something about the faded wording on old crates I just love! What do you look for? I would love to hear.

God Bless!

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