Rustic Cozy Fall Living Room

This week in our Fall series, decorating one room at a time, we have been sharing our living rooms. On Monday I shared my mood board with you for my coffee table display. You can find that here. Yesterday I showed you how I set it up on my Facebook page. You can click below to see the video.

Today I am going to show you the different spaces created in my living room to help it feel cozy and to add some fall elements.

My hutch area, this is a fun piece to decorate for the seasons. I kept it simple, just some pumpkins and my leaf blocks. You can find them here.

This corner is always fun to decorate. It is kind of a dead space in the room so I always fill it with seasonal items.

I love these fall pillows, you get four covers for under $18. I like inexpensive and cute!

And my divided storage piece my hubby made me I Love! I put some dried hydrangeas in it along with some small Boo Pumpkins. These Hydrangeas are not real but they look real close.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my living room?

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God Bless!

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