Rustic Autumn Hutch and Decorating in the Kitchen

Last years kitchen

It’s here the last day for our Fall series in the kitchen with my friends. Did that sound like a kids song or what? Today Terrie with and Tammy are finishing decorating our kitchens for Fall or Autumn, which do you call it? In the north here we call it Fall. Okay I’m sorry got off on a rabbit trail again.

We are all decorating a hutch. My hutch is on the other side of the kitchen as I have told you before and is used for my small appliances and all my canisters. But I do like to add some pretty items that can be functional too.

Here is a before:

I added my glass jars for canisters. I then added my jadeite butter dish and salt and pepper shakers.

I added some of my copper mugs that I love! And i added some other copper items that we use. On the top I added a vintage basket I had and put my vintage blue mason jars in it for storage. To the side of that I put a Fall sign I had won in a giveaway on Instagram last year. You can find that cute shop here.

Here Is where you can see more of my Fall decorated kitchen.

How to make a Fall Centerpiece

Be sure and visit my friends kitchens for some more inspiration.

Thank you for stopping by and God Bless!

4 thoughts on “Rustic Autumn Hutch and Decorating in the Kitchen

  1. Corine I love how warm and inviting your hutch is… all of the copper and white is absolutely stunning. I’ve said it before, but your kitchen is so inviting. I just want to grab a cup of hot cider and sit and watch the sun come in in the morning… thanks for sharing!

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