Do I need more Pumpkins?

I have been battling Vertigo for a few days. I tell you what It could put a damper on my life. So any prayers would be greatly appreciated. That being said,

I did manage to go through my pumpkins and I realize I need a little pumpkin refresh! Shhhh don’t tell my hubby, he is not in agreeance. I loved some I had seen at Hobby Lobby and was trying to figure out if it would be worth it, money wise to make some or if it would be a wash. Hobby Lobby has theirs for 40 percent off.

As you know my friends and I are decorating our rooms for a Fall series.

Our first room is the kitchen. Working on my island centerpiece has always been a challenge for some reason. I am hoping my vision I have for this Fall centerpiece comes together like I want it too. I will be showing you the pumpkin I am doing and some paper bag leaves on Wednesday on my Facebook page for the centerpiece. Here is a picture of the starting of my kitchen Fall decorating. I love the wreath you see in the mirror. It is form the new Hearth and Hand fall line at Target. You can find it here.

Here is last year’s kitchen you can see it here.

You will want to go over to Tammy and Terrie’s blog to see how their kitchen is coming along.

Have a beautiful day and God Bless!

14 thoughts on “Do I need more Pumpkins?

  1. Corine your kitchen is so pretty and inviting! I’m serious. It makes me want to grab a hot cup of spiced tea, find a chair and just enjoy the kitchen as the sun comes streaming in….. perfection.

  2. Corine, I say…yes you need a pumpkin refresh. ha! Not sure if you do or not but I am one to push you to get more if you want them. 🙂

    Your kitchen is always so beautiful, I can’t wait to see how it looks all dressed up in Fall!

  3. You kitchen looks pretty Corine. I’m al about candles during these months. They add so much real, battery operated, scented. More the better.

    I can’t wait to see your real pumpkins that you are growing.

    How’s your pastel Indian corn doing?

  4. Your kitchen looks wonderful. I am thinking of you. I suffer from dizziness too although they tell me it’s no longer called vertigo – it’s now PPPD – persistent postural-perceptual dizziness. I was surprised to find that around 30% of the population suffer from it in some way. Hope you get better soon.

  5. Your kitchen is so charming! Hope the bout of vertigo is gone! I know a couple people who have experienced vertigo, some often and some on rare occasions and it seems so debilitating.

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