Three of the most Important Fall Porch Items I Use.

white and orange pumpkins on table

It is that time of year! We need to get the farmhouse ready for the Fall season. Let’s get this porch decorated for Fall! I have a Fall tour coming up and needed to get started getting things done for the season. Plus with canning season is coming up too and the older I get the sooner I need things out of the way so I can concentrate on one thing at a time.

First area I concentrate on is my porch. I already have lots of pumpkins for my steps and cornstalks from my garden. So the first thing I get is a new entry mat. These are some of my favorites.

As an Amazon Influencer I make a small amount form each purchase.

The second Item I look for is a garland of some sort. Because of the wind here I have to buy or make a new one each year. I found this one which is 20′ long with lights and under $10. Or there is this one which is 30′ long and under $14.

The Third item I use is from nature, pumpkins and cornstalks from my gardens. This is how I add texture to the space. Every room needs some texture added including your porch. Since they are from our land that makes them free, the best kind of price. Here are some photos of my previous Fall porches.

And if you click on the link below you can see another years porch and some lanterns I made.

Happy Fall decorating and God Bless!

20 thoughts on “Three of the most Important Fall Porch Items I Use.

  1. I love your ideas for Fall decorating. I just read in the comments that you grow your own pumpkins, I wish I had the space to do that – I spend to much on pumpkins too! 😉

  2. Fall is my favorite thyme of year! unfortunately, we don’t get much fall weather in Florida! Thanks for sharing your pictures!!!

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