First Fall DIY, Craft

Today my friends Terrie and Tammy and I are sharing our first fall diy craft.

For mine I found an inspiration pic I liked from Kirklands, since I don’t live near a store I needed to find a way to make my own and in my own color palette. So of course I went to the dollar store. Here is my inspiration picture.

Here is what I found at the dollar store to make one myself.

  • Two flat wood pumpkins
  • Small box
  • Things I had:
  • Wire
  • Glue
  • Paint

I started by removing all the extras and then I wanted to add texture. So I rubbed on some spackling from the dollar store. I had to let that dry most of the day as it is humid here right now. Also in order for this to work right both stems have to face the same way. So you will need to cut one stem off and glue it on the opposite way so it matches the other pumpkin.

Then I spray painted them with some of the cement spray paint I have used before. I let that dry and started adding the details. You can see other Fall projects I have done here

After everything was dry I glued the wood pumpkins to the wood little pumpkin box. And then added some Faux flowers and leaves. And then I added some raffia tied around the stem.

Did this get you excited to try some fall decorating projects?

God Bless!

11 thoughts on “First Fall DIY, Craft

  1. I never heard if cement spray paint either. Great project. We finally have a Dollar Tree.

    Now hopefully we don’t get put on lockdowns again.

  2. This turned out so beautifully! What an awesome project! Now I’m even more excited for fall.

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