Decorating my Countertops

Do you ever wonder what to do on top of your counters? Hang in there with me as I tell you what I do. If you have been here very long you know I am a neutral girl with my rooms. I do this so I can add little pops of color throughout the seasons. In the Summer months I like to add fresh flowers as my pops of color and my vintage or vintage look bottles. Since I have open shelving above my counter top. I like to keep them clutter free, there is enough going on with the shelves already.

I love my plants so some well placed plants are always on my counters. To be honest I only have one section of countertop. I use furniture pieces on the other side of my kitchen and this side has the sink section. I use my island for most of my cooking.

Everything else on my counter is useful. I have a white pitcher I put my utensils in. And pretty salt and pepper cellars. On my peg racks below my open shelving I have a pretty watering can that sometimes makes its way to the counter.

I do switch things around for the seasons on my counters too. Pumpkins in the Fall and greenery in the Winter. Let me know what your favorite item to put on your counters are. Here are the links to my watering can and my kitchen scissors. Love both of these, they are functional and beautiful.

God Bless!

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