Upcycled Items for the Garden

If you have been following for long you know I love repurposing items. And using them to display my flowers is so fun! Here I have an old bike that I put a basket on to hold some flowers. And also an old log that my son in law had hollowed out for me. It is just perfect for some impatiens.

I used an old coal bucket here that my son had gotten me. Remember to always put drain holes in the bottom of you containers.

I love using old galvanized buckets, they are my favorite.

And this year I used an old horse trough we had that was rusting and already had holes in the bottom.

I took my white truck and an old urn I had and used them as planters this year too. It is always fun for me to think outside of the box. And these are just some examples of that.

Use your imagination as my mom used to tell me, I guess that stuck because I am. Hope this helps you reimagine some items into flower containers.

God Bless!

19 thoughts on “Upcycled Items for the Garden

  1. I really love the horse trough! Such a cool way to upcycle – I just really enjoy the aesthetic!

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