A Mid Summer Garden Update From Curly Willow Acres

I can’t believe we are half way through the Summer. I have not given you any updates on the garden here at Curly Willow Acres. First we had heat and drought and now we can’t seem to get rid of the rain and humidity. It sure has been a weird Summer. While fighting the Japanese Beatles UGH!

My companions every morning are the two cats and my mini horse.

I caught him in mid meow! See that sunflower back there it is growing form the compost pile.

You can see last years garden here. This year has been a struggle as I said but our sweet corn is doing good.

It is starting to tassel and get little cobs. Our Zucchini is doing good also.

The mini peppers are starting to blossom. They are a late variety but when they get going they really produce.

little buds

The melons and cucumbers are just spreading out and getting blossoms. We planted them later because of cucumber beetles last year. I read somewhere to wait an extra couple of weeks the following year to prevent them from coming back. It seemed to work we got a few but we were able to combat them.

The Dill is doing very well. I planted it as a companion plant to help with bugs.

We have been digging our potatoes for a couple of weeks now and enjoying them. I have a great recipe using them here.

Second crop of onions and beans. Our first crop of beans received too much rain from the recent storms. They did not like that at all. They look like they might still produce some beans but not very many.

Our pumpkin patch is doing great so far, fingers crossed and prayers!

We planted Cinderella, Flat White, Jordale, big and small and some pretty grey pumpkins this year. Also some Cotton Candy Indian Corn its supposed to be in pastel colors. I’m excited to see it all. I will begin self pollinating the pumpkins to ensure success. I have done that the last two years and it seems to work.

That’s what we have been up to here at Curly Willow Acres. We keep saying next year we will do a smaller garden. It hasn’t happened yet.

I will keep you posted!

God Bless!

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