Free is always good right? These flowers were exactly that, right from the field on our property.

Do you ever use wildflowers, or weeds as some would call them, in your decorating?

I love to use them. They don’t form a perfect bouquet but I love that about them. I think wildflowers are a lot like me. Sometimes struggling to get through, then certainly not looking perfect but trying to show their beauty.

I am not talking outside beauty I mean blooming to show their inner beauty. When their buds open up and show I think it is so pretty.

Blue Chicory and Sweet Peas

Just driving down the road you can find some wildflowers to pick. Here in Michigan I love the blue Chicory and Queen Annes Lace. I just take a walk down our road and cut some. It’s therapeutic and just brings simple beauty into our home.

Asparagus Ferns

God Bless!

12 thoughts on “Wildflowers

  1. I enjoy using what we have around our home too. I have a black thumb so there is not many flowers, but I have weeds in spades! I love how you have put your wildflowers together, I may need to wonder around and try my hand at it too. Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. So many flowers to find! I am going camping and hope to see lots of flowers. Fingers crossed!

  3. I miss having garden flowers to pick and bring in the house.

    Thank goodness for hydrangeas!

    My Limelights are budding and are so tall we may need a ladder to cut some

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