DIY Garden Art

Today my friends and I are sharing some garden art on Facebook and each of us did our own diy. I decided to make some cut colorful art for mine. This is a stretch for me. As I am always more of a neutral girl. But in the garden I like to go a little crazy with color (at least crazy for me lol).

I took a trip to the dollar store to find something to inspire me. I knew what I was going to use for the stems already. I have some Birch logs in the barn and decided to use them. Now to find something to use for the mushroom tops.

Dollar store bowls

I found four bowls for a dollar at the dollar store. I kept the inside the color they were and spray painted the outsides of them with the same cement spray paint I used here.

Now I wanted to add some spots to give them a cuteness factor. I just used craft paint to do this (two coats) and then sprayed them with a sealer. To protect them from the weather.

I knew the birch logs would be so cute for the stems on these. Head here to see the full instructions on how to attach them hint: glue does not work.

God Bless!

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