Dollar Store Potted Lavender

Today me and my friends Terrie, and Tammy are going to be showing you a dollar store craft we have done. I love just browsing the dollar store and trying to figure out what I could use to make a new craft. They have some really nice stuff. My craft is a copy cat from something I had bought on a recent girls trip with my daughters. I couldn’t afford two of them and bought one to copy. The Dollar store has some great flowers and these lavender ones were quite beautiful.

I just needed to find something to put it in that I could make look like the planter this one came in. So the search was on! I found a small pail that I decided to use. First I put a coat of spackling form the dollar store on it. The one I had purchased had a nice texture to it.

I let that dry about 4 hours. Then I painted it similar to the color of the purchased one. I ended up mixing two different colors together to get close to matching.

Now I just had to add in some floral foam and stick in my picks. I cut some shorter and some longer. I wanted to hide the green floral foam and so I added some spanish moss on top. It is a little larger that the one I purchased but I really like it. In fact I am going to make another one now. I got to thinking wouldn’t these be cute in a basket instead of the pail?

Let me know if you try this!

God Bless!

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