A Repurposed Project

I promised this week was going to be about the porch. Today I am showing you a project I am doing for it. While repurposing an item I wasn’t using. This was so fun I’m really wishing I had done it sooner.

I took a step ladder I had and wasn’t able to use anymore because it wasn’t safe enough. Then i found a planter pot that I thought would fit inside the top rung. I then cut a hole in the top step to fit the planter in.

Then I found this beautiful spray paint and decided to paint it. It is in the green color range so I figured it would go with all my other changes on the porch. I painted the entire thing. I waited 24 hours before adding the planter.

I found some pretty Impatians and some coral colored geraniums to go with it. Now I will use the bottom steps as shelves for some outdoor decor to go with it all.

What do you think of my repurposed item? I also used the old paint can as a planter for the Geraniums.

God Bless!

One thought on “A Repurposed Project

  1. So pretty! I love the color. We have an old wooden stepladder similar to yours. I’ll have to paint it and use it on my side porch as a plant stand. Thanks for the inspiration!

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