Diy Patriotic Decor

My friends and I made some patriotic decor for our Memorial Day tables. I decided to make a star banner. I just used muslin and burlap I had and painted on stars. You can see the video below on how I made the banner.

Then I decided I wanted to make some sort of flags. I had seen some at TJMaxx but was not going to pay the price for them when I knew I could make some. All I needed was some burlap, paint and sticks.

I cut the burlap into triangles and sewed part of the edges so as not to fray as much.

I painted red stripes and a blue square, and then added stars to the blue sections.

Diy Patriotic decor using burlap cut in triangles.  Then painted like a floag and glued to sticks.

Then I gathered some sticks from my yard for the flag poles. And just hot glued them on. These took so little time but are going to be so cute for my tablescape next week with these two amazing ladies, @patinaandpaint and Terrie from @decorateandmoreblog

Be sure and check out their crafts too!

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