Summer themed Tiered Tray

Let me just say for starters decorating a tiered tray is not something I’m good at. But when my sweet friends Terrie and Tammy came up with the idea, how could I say no.

I’ll link their posts below so you can visit their blogs and see how amazing theirs looks.

I didn’t have a tiered tray so I improvised. I used two cake plates and a bowl. I used double stick tape to hold the bowl in place.

I started with my anchor piece at the top, this should be larger than the rest.

Then I added some middle pieces diagonally that helps balance it out.

Then I added my small pieces like the small succulent clay pots and my diy vintage plant marker.

Then I filled in with some roses to go with the anchor piece.

I like how it turned out now I’m going to make my own tiered tray. I’ll be sharing it here.

Here are my friends links to see their amazing crafts and Tiered Trays.

8 thoughts on “Summer themed Tiered Tray

  1. Corine! I love that tray! That bicycle is just the CUTEST! where did you get it? I love it. It goes so well with your flowers and plants. Great job and thanks for sharing.

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