Happy Spring!

Yay!! Spring is officially here. It is supposed to be warmer this week with a lot of rain in Michigan. And then cold again. so there will still be projects to do inside. My first one is this Goodwill bench transformation.

I bought this bench from the thrift store that had little blue and white ducks across the top. I knew it had potential. I debated bleaching the wood but was afraid the ducks would not come out.

So I sanded it down real good and cleaned it with a degreaser. I could feel grime on it.

I painted it with milk paint I had received from Vintage Rose and Grace Etsy shop. I loved this paint it covered perfectly and sanded off in all the perfect areas I wanted it too. You can click on her name to take you to her shop. There are so many beautiful colors. I’ll definitely be using this again.

I then put an exterior poly on it because when it eventually gets nice her in Michigan I hope to set it out on my porch and put a plant on it. You can see another project here

Here is the before and after:

I couldn’t help but think this little bench is like me, God just keeps working on me daily as I continue to look up to Him for guidance, and working to transform me into what He needs me to be.

God Bless!

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