Five Exterior Planters I am Loving

Today I am Going to Share with you Five Planters I have Found for my Porch and Deck.

I know before long we will be outside planting all the flowers. Maybe your lucky enough to already be doing that. Here in Michigan we have a little bit to go yet but I want to be ready. These all look beautiful while serving a purpose and if you have prime shipping on Amazon that is even better! Still they are a great price for the product you are getting. Just click on the photos to see the product description.

Love this white one above both of these would be great for veggie planting too.

The one above would be great for my lettuce bed and is raised so it would be so much easier on my back.

I am thinking of getting two of the one above for by my porch steps.

And because I love a classic white.

I love these copper look a likes and they come in a set of two for a great price.

Now to make a decision!

Disclosure: I make a small amount if you buy from the provided links. Thank you so much for your support it means the world.

God Bless!

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