My DIY Vintage Mail Cubby

I’m not sure if that’s the right title. But I am going to call it that. I have wanted one of these cubby things for a long time. I have seen them at antique store but they are so expensive. Then I was going to buy one from Hobby Lobby. As I was considering it my hubby said “why don’t we just make one and then it will be real wood” he is so smart!

We bought 1×6 lumber and a sheet of 1/4″ luan. We cut the pieces to the size I wanted. Mine is 30″ 26″ after making the box we cut the middle pieces for the cubby tops and bottoms. We used the chop saw to make a cut into the middle boards so the luan pieces would slide right in. The top and bottom boards only need a cut into one side.

Above we added our trim pieces to the fronts of shelves to add a ledge. Then we cut luan into our slider pieces. We decided to sand and stain everything first before putting it all together. After that we used the nail gun to nail it all together. Then I added these gold metal drawer tabs.Just click on the photo to see more.

I hope you like this DIY! If you have any questions feel free to ask.

God Bless!

5 thoughts on “My DIY Vintage Mail Cubby

  1. This cubby is amazing. I’ve just shown it to my hubby and he agreed! Looks like we’ve got a new project!!

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