Seed Starting

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It is that time of year again. To start my plants inside for my garden. I l love doing this, that way I know what was put into the plants plus it just gives me joy!

My basic Necessities:

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In full disclosure these are affiliate links and I do make a little money if you buy from them. I do appreciate each purchase as it helps so much.

Grow Light

Seed starting mix

Covered container to plant in, this helps keep moisture in for those little seeds. These come in a pack of five, A good deal.

Heated mat, I haven’t always used one so this is whether you feel you need one. But it does help the seeds sprout faster, especially if you keep your heat low. Seeds love warm soil.

And of course your favorite seeds:

I planted these rainbow carrots last year and they were so easy to grow I don’t know why I hadn’t tried before. My favorite place to buy seeds is Baker Creek

And of course some plant markers, these are copper ones and I just thought they are pretty too. But you can always use popcicle sticks.

I hope this helps and encourages you to start some plants this year. I am definitely going to be planting more flowers from seeds. I spend way to much on the plants, which will make my hubby happier.

God Bless!

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